3D Eyebrow Tattoo Technique

Tattoo technique for eyebrow is to insert the ink herbal between the original eyebrows and make it look more natural at the same thickness. In effect, you look more beautiful, natural, and youthful. For make your eyebrow thick it has several types. Namely 3D eyebrow tattoothat produces ink that resembles a hair fiber formed eyebrows look very natural. This technique makes more dimensional shape eyebrows, thick-thin can be adjusted close to the original set.

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Natural Eyebrow with 3D Eyebrow Tattoo

If your eyebrows really thin and light gray,3D eyebrows tattootreatment with embroidery techniques can be the best choice for you. Eyebrow tattoo will make the thickness of eyebrow looks natural, it is must to try. The tattoo technique which is currently produces the effect of more than three dimensions capable of producing the very natural eyebrow shape.

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3d Eyebrow Tattoo NycSize: 735 x 592

3D eyebrows tattoo procedures is begins by applying a base color of eyebrow with the loved shape, then part of the tattoo. In order best eyebrow tattoo results can last up to 2 years, enough to give a special hair tonic containing ginseng that make eyebrow looks health and maintained growth. As a result, not only natural form, but also the colors look more perfect eyebrow.

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