Afro American Twist Hairstyles Tips

Twists hairstyles are sometimes related to Afro American hairstyles but actually twist itself is so various from black twist hairstyles of French twists. You can get many benefits on applying twist hairstyles because it is low maintenance and long lasting. For you who are not too diligent to maintain your hair, then it is better to apply this hairstyle because it will not need the complex treatments, moreover you can use hair extensions if your hair is short.

Posted on July 15, 2018 Hairstyle Ideas

Twist hairstyles come from afro American which is commonly associated with African hairstyles. Then, for you who have the hair texture of African, these natural hairstyles are perfectly suitable for enhancing your hair. Then here are some tips which can help you the look of African American people hairstyle. First are you needed to apply this hairstyle in dry, fine and absolutely clean? You need to avoid any chemical process for more about a week before applying the twists.

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Twist hairstyles that you apply will be also better if you divide your hair about 5 into 6 parts or sections especially for long hair because the process will be easier and smoother. Then, you may start the twist from the front and divide the hair on the part around the ears. When you can divide well your twist will look more natural and will be looked neater.

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Then, it is better to apply sea butter or oil coconut virgin which can help you to smoothen and moisturizes the hair. Twist hairstyles for natural hair needs to be done with the adjustable hair, not the frizzy hair, then these two things will help you to make the hair is easier to be styled. Moreover, when you do twist hairstyles it will remove the dirt and make the twists are shinier and more textural with oil based creams.