Airbrush Nail Designs

Airbrush nail designs are not an easy way to try, so you definitely should be careful when you are trying to wear your nail with this. The airbrush design would require some tricks to make it look like done by professionals. If you want to do it by yourself, then it is better to learn how to wear it correctly. Girls love doing their nails to make it look pretty, just like how they like doing their hair. It is girls’ nature to do it. Fashion and beauty are always being favored by girls, and different kinds of nails design are available for them to try. They even have experts to do it if they don’t want to do it by themselves, like in beauty salon.

Posted on November 7, 2017 Nail Design

How to Wear Airbrush Nail Designs

Here I will share the tips on wear the airbrush nail to you who have no time to go to beauty salon but want to get your nail done. You could make it by yourself at your house, but it will require some efforts for you. The key is to practice the airbrush to make it look great. You need to buy stencils, first. So, as you do another nail, you need to apply the base-coat first. Base coat would protect your nail.

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Nail Art Designs

We will proceed the way to wear the airbrush nail here. You could leave your background plain or airbrush it. Then put the stencil on the middle of the finger for the beginner. If the design you choose will go to the top or bottom, you could simply move it. Use acetone to clean the parts of your finger afterwards. Then, apply the top coat to protect the airbrush nail you have just done. Make sure that use lotion after using acetone as it will dry your skin.