Bridal Shower Themes Ideas

A bridal shower themes centerpiece constructed with tree branches autumn is ideal or table decor inspired by nature. Gather some small limbs leafless trees a yard or buy fake versions in a craft store. Spray paint the branches of bright gold for an elegant effect. Fill a golden urn with florist foam and paste branches in it, arranging them to look like a tree.

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Host an elegant bridal shower themes wine theme using vintage bottles and fresh flowers as a striking center table. Choose a couple of bottles of wine that offer interesting gold or printed labels. You can also remove the labels and replace them with handmade showing the couple’s names and wedding details. Fill the bottles with water and white flowers such as calla lilies, roses or tulips, depending on the season and the wedding theme. Arrange the bottles in the middle of the table and surround them grapes decorative plastic or glass and tea candles in holders of purple and green.

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A vintage bird cages makes a centerpiece charming and romantic bridal shower themes. Cover the box with burnished gold spray paint to an old effect, or use white paint to a fresh spring-inspired style. Fill the box with small painted glass vases filled with flowers to match the wedding theme, different sizes of white pillar candles.

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