Captivating Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Inspirations

Before purchasing the emerald cut engagement rings, you should notice some elements and details for finding the greatest one. Generally, most amateur only look at the design and interesting sparkling effects come from the emerald. In fact, the considerations are purely important so you won’t be disappointed after taking the emerald engagement rings home. Here are those things you have to note for your elegant perfection.

Posted on May 20, 2018 Hands Jewelry

Emerald Cut Characteristics

The beautiful gemstone of emerald pictures not only is elegant, but also glamorous look. This is true because this gem has some specific characteristics that build the gem pretentiousness. Special for the emerald cut engagement rings, this is smart if you choose the rectangular emerald cut. When you look into the shape, you might think that this is ordinary. Somehow, if you deeply pay attention to the details, you will find those 58 facets that are stunning yet bight. Further, the ratio between length and width of the emerald is generally 1.25. Somehow, if you tend to pick the larger ratio, it is available in 1.35 and 1.40.

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Emerald Engagement Rings

Although the emerald cut engagement rings aren’t as dazzling as ruby or the other gemstones, emerald ring designs are affordable yet pretty exquisite because it is created in high secure. Additionally, this ring will be purely flattering when it is worn by the people with long slender finger. Then, the more exclusiveness will naturally appear when the rings are not only accented with emerald cut as the masterpiece of the ring. The more beautiful look can be seen when the entire band or half band of the rings are adorned with small diamond cuts to evoke the glitter look to the finger.

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Best Emerald Rings

There is the greatest among the great emerald cut engagement rings. The first identity you can see clearly is the emerald prong. Here, the ring should have 4 prongs in order to secure the emerald. By holding the emerald with four prong settings, it means that the emerald on the ring has maximum security even when it is wrapped to the gown or hair.

Then, this is purely significant to make sure that the emerald cut engagement rings you bought is certified. So, you need to ask the certifications of the diamond authentication. Further, if you are afraid of the purity of the emerald, you can bring it to the other trusted jewelry boutiques or laboratories such as AGS, GIA and EGL. Are you ready to shop?