Choosing The Right Pendant Size For Monogrammed Necklace

Are you planning to get monogrammed necklace nowadays? Monogrammed necklace looks great for you but it also looks great for a couple. The pendant of monogrammed necklace can be ordered separately, and you will get the option when the pendant comes to your hand. Sometimes it cannot be thought that size comes smaller or bigger than we imagine before. This is why it is needed to order and get the pendant first before getting the right chain.

Posted on August 9, 2018 Necklaces Jewelry

Collar Monogrammed Necklace

The first chain is the collar necklace. Collar necklace has length for 31-35 cm as it fits to the neck. Indeed, this necklace looks like cat chain. The cuteness of cat accessories you can get if you choose this type of necklace. You can plan to get this necklace if you already have medium size of monogrammed necklace of pendant. This pendant works to show out the necklace you have. But, if you have small pendant, you can get one with 3 overlap chains to show it more.

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Princess Monogrammed Necklace

Princess necklace is the familiar necklace that is most used for the women. Most women like to collect this kind of necklace. It is sized for 43-50 cm. this necklace suits your casual or formal style. It is great for the women who have short neck. For the monogrammed necklace, you can use small pendant. Small pendant suits well for this size of necklace to make it elegant. It also matches for any kind of shirt collar, even if the collar is high.

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Opera Monogrammed Necklace

The opera necklace demands you to make monogram necklace with medium size pendant. This pendant needs friend to make it more beautiful; you do not need to worry about too much things in your necklace. To match the pendant, it depends on the pendant style you have chosen. If it looks elegant, then you can add flower or vine leaves pendant. This monogrammed necklace is usually worn for formal occasions. It does not limit women age for wearing this necklace.

Rope Monogrammed Necklace

The last necklace is the longest necklace in the fashion world. Rope necklace can size from 100cm to 1m more. As the longest size of the necklace family, you can get big pendant to suit it. The monogrammed necklace looks beautiful for the big round pendant in this kind of necklace. This necklace also works well to be rolled as bracelet.