Dashing Stiletto Nail Designs

Stiletto nail designs are very attractive. You could wear it on the usual round nails or the claw nails. Some of the popular stiletto nails would use the claw nails with studded stones to make it more look like stiletto heels. As we all know, stiletto heels are very pretty and fashionable, so the stiletto nails should not fail to amuse everyone as it should look as fashionable as stiletto heels. Like the name says, stiletto nails will have some bold colors and studded stones to emphasize the luxurious look and elegance it has. Stiletto manicures are amazing with long pointed nails.

Posted on October 22, 2017 Nail Design

Popular Stiletto Nail Designs

The plums polish with matte top coat and some thin strips of high-shine nail polish will make your nails look special. This is amazing for you who love the subtle nails but still look good. Or you could also choose the bold red colors to be matched with your black heels. The stiletto nails is amazing to match your heels and dress, and this would feel great for fashion lovers. As there are many other stiletto nails, you should really consider what kind of nail designs you choose so it could match many of your dress. It would be a waste if you have a bold color but don’t mix and match it with your dress and shoes, right?

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Stiletto Nails Gallery

Here we will see other designs of stiletto nails like abstract art which look great not only on round nails but also pointier nails. Don’t stop with the usual designs, you could choose creatively what kind of style you want! As for example, choose different design for each of five fingers and you will never be tired of the awesome style and designs you could have! Top black matte with silver studs would also awesome!