Elegant And Perfect Opal Rings

The ring is a kind of small circular band that is worn on the finger. Ring can be used as mere decoration or as sacred sign; sign of engagement or wedding. The ring usually made of precious metals and often regulated by one or more gemstones. A beautiful ring can help you to give a sign of authority on your display. Now, rings are already widely available in multiple kinds. One of them is the opal rings.

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Opal is a gemstone composed of hydrated silica. Historically, it is said opal is something that is symbol of hope and purity. Opal becomes very valuable because of its uniqueness that is capable of playing colors. Opal is able to cast the light into a sparkle of rainbow colors. Opal is used as material for opal rings and now opal rings are much sought after because of its beauty.

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Opal Belly Button RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Genuine Opal RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Blue Opal RingsSize: 838 x 838

Opal has various body colors, ranging from semi-transparent to opaque. The most common opal is white opal. Opal water or so-called Crystal has a body that colorless. The most valuable opals are black opal, dark blue, gray, or opal with black body color. There is so-called Boulder opal; opal combines precious opals with iron rocks that formed it. Another variation of the opals is opal bright yellow, orange, or red fire opal. These opals are very different from the previous. These opal rings has transparent to translucent properties that make it stay beautiful without having to play colors. Many people says that opal is best material for rings. But, now price of opal stones is very expensive.

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How to Treat Opal Rings?


Opal rings should be treated with extreme caution. Opal has the properties of a softer and more fragile than other gems. Opal ring should be stored carefully to avoid scratching of other jewelry. The ring is also to be protected from the blow, because the opening angle easy to fragile. Besides, opal also should be avoided from heat or acid. In addition, opal rings should be cleaned with a soft cloth without using any cleaning solution.

Sterling Silver Opal Rings


This stacking opal ring is made of solid sterling silver at .925. It is suitable to be installed simultaneously in separate finger. These opal rings made from a blend of Natural Ethiopian opal stone round 5mm/ 1mm band, 1mm twisted rope stacker, and smooth band 1.2mm. It priced at $ 52.00 USD.