Emerald Necklace: Educative And Fun

What pops out of your mind when you hear ‘emerald necklace’ in the first place? A necklace with an emerald pendant or a park in Boston? Perhaps you think those fancy jewelries that you are dying to have. But some people might think about the second thin: a park. Fortunately, a park is what is going to be discussed for today’s post. Here we go!

Posted on July 5, 2018 Necklaces Jewelry

Emerald Necklace is located in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. The uniqueness is that it has several chain of parks. Those parks are linked by parkways and also waterways. The width is about 4,5 km2. The construction is not completed for some reasons. This wonderful Emerald Necklace is designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. If you like cycling or simply want to hang out, this place is the best place since you will have many options of parks you can visit. There are 11 parks with different names and themes such as Boston Common, Public Garden, and Franklin Park.

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Green Emerald NecklaceSize: 768 x 768

Genuine Emerald NecklaceSize: 1200 x 1200

Emerald Necklace JewelrySize: 1040 x 1102

Volunteer In The Park

Volunteer In The Park is one program of Emerald Necklace that focuses on preserving the park. The activity is cleaning up and planting. I think it is going to be a great activity. Today’s people are too busy inside those modern buildings. It make them lost contact with the nature. I thing this is one way to make contact again with the nature. You will lean many things if you join the program. Remember to register first.

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The Riverway

Perhaps this park is going to be your favorite among the parks in the Emerald Necklace. You can simply be walking, running, or biking. There many trees that will accompany you along the ways. Plus, you will enjoy the river view which can make you feel peace and relax. If you feel tired, there are many benches you can stop by to sit. I think it is the best place to spend some time with your family. Bring your children and they will be happy there.

There are many other things and activities you can get from the Emerald Necklace. Have a great picnic with your family here because there many open spaces. If you have dogs, you can bring them but make sure that your dog is on leash. And as mentioned earlier, you will find may walking and biking trails. Well, I hope you enjoy. I can’t wait to go to this beautiful Emerald Necklace.