Famous Tattoo Artists In The World

Tattoo becomes one of the artwork that loved by many people today. It does not only represent a bad behavior of someone, it has an artistic value. This successful art will never be created without an intelligent and smart artist. There are so many artists that make tattoo becomes the popular art. Among those artists, there are at least nine names of famous tattoo artists. They are Sailor J.C, George Burchett, Don Ed Hardy, Henk Schiffmacher, Paul Tinman, Filip Leu, Guy Atchison, Paul Booth, and Kat Von.

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The First Famous Tattoo Artists

The world of tattoo becomes popular because of the hard work from George Burchett-Davis. He is an English man who born in 1872. He becomes the first famous tattoo artists in the world. His nickname is “The King of Tattoo Artist”. Because of his excellent skill in tattooing, he also becomes the first celebrity tattoo artists. His great skill also leads him to get many awards from the kings in Spain and United Kingdom. He also produces some cosmetic tattooing that is called permanently darkened eyebrows. This development in cosmetic tattooing also makes him famous tattoo artistsuntil today.

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The secondfamous tattoo artists is Don Ed Hardy. He becomes the Godfather of Modern Tattoo because of the skill techniques he have in developing the old tattoo design to modern design. Actually, Don tried to improve his skill by learning Japanese style and it led him to be the pioneer of modern tattoo. Now, he had built a tattoo studio in San Francisco and he has been being a mentor to teach his students himself.

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