Four Ideas To Write On Promise Rings For Men

Choosing diamonds as the center attention of the ring is too ordinary. Many people have used that for years, or even decades. So, it is worth to create another idea to exchange the diamonds place. You cannot just let the promise rings for men with empty space. It is your memorable moments, so you need to have a time to create worth rings to fill your memorable moment. This memorable moment happens only once in your life! Take your romantic skill to create some words that is valuable. There are some suggestions you can read for the examples.

Posted on May 23, 2018 Jewellery Ideas

“I Love Her” Promise Rings

For the first idea, this is good for you who want the simple touch for the promise ring for men. For the women, you can simply add “I love him” as the match of your ring. Make this text with interesting font with love icon as the beginning or the end of the text. If you are choosing for silver ring, you can use white or red written text. The ring can be styled as long as the text can be read clearly.

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“Taken” Promise Rings

This word can be the status that can represents your facebook status while you are offline. It is only one word, but this word has powerful meaning. People who read at the ring understand your status without asking what it means. You can get this in promise ring for men and women. You do not need to give extra touch, but make this written text in bold so this word firmly emphasized the status you have. It does not matter for the choice of the color as long as the text can be read clearly.

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Couple’s Initials Promise Rings

The next idea may sounds usual, but this can be a good idea. Take you and your couple’s name into the promise rings for men. The text can be put outside or inside the rings. If the text is written inside the rings, you can freely choose the designed ring, or even the diamond ring for the women since the text takes few space in the ring. You can also take your chance in writing the initial by your handwriting. Then, you can ask to the maker that you want your handwriting to be inside the promise ring for men and women.

“Hers” Promise Rings

The last idea has the same power as the second idea that is written above. Choosing “hers” in promise ring for men can give strong statement that you are in relationship with someone. As the match ring, she has to have “his” in her ring. This ring can be styled with patterned design in the outer side of the ring.