Glorious Jewel Is Ruby Necklace

Impeccable skin is perhaps women’s dream around the whole world but with necklace it was very perfect. Having thousand variant, necklace is quiet simple gift but also can be precious jewel. In the human development history, the string line has including as one of important part story which is becoming a symbol in the past and new life style at modern era. With increasing of consumer’s demander force the jewel handcraft to produce more with many varieties also. Ruby necklace is one of popular item perhaps it also difficult to reach as it was expensive necklace. Ruby is required as one among four precious stone, basically colored a pink for blood-red and force a gemstone color.

Posted on June 20, 2018 Jewellery Ideas

Expensive Necklace Stone

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Vintage Ruby NecklaceSize: 600 x 600

Ruby Pendant NecklaceSize: 900 x 900

Ruby Necklace DesignsSize: 900 x 900

Real Ruby NecklaceSize: 600 x 600

Antique Ruby NecklaceSize: 767 x 767

As one of famous and expensive gemstone, the ruby necklace was absolutely will harm any card. Start our review from lower cost necklace, raw ruby pendant was sell around $195 USD. Finishing in hand made with silver sterling uncut raw ruby, the necklace is well enough to use every day. The necklace pendant designing with light patina and oxidized to force a textures accent, over all pendants rounding at 20mmx23mm with uncut ruby is 6.5x8mm. Note to wear it with blue clothing.

Black necklace spinel ruby available around $900 USD, it was expensive but not the most. Having base material such as ruby, spinel and yellow gold to force crystal quarts faceted, the ruby necklace was stunning jewel. Performing with 32 inch necklace and 903 carats natural ruby graduate and 350 carat black spinel, the price will pay off. The precious necklace stone pattern also combines with earring set and will be perfect match for women gift. We recommending to wear the sparkle necklace at the evening to show the stunning shining.

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Combination of gold, rubies and sapphires perhaps will bring many dollars to tide up; it was selling around $1,350.00 USD. Including in vintage in vintage model, the material of ruby necklace was basically 14k yellow gold and ruby so sapphire stone. With 10.9 gram weight, 30mm diameter and 15 high, it is performing 9 shape rubies and 6 shape blue sapphires so over all the looks was magnificence.

Here is our last ruby necklace, it was $1,925.00 USD perhaps it was the most expensive in our list. The whole material is made from ruby, it may reasonable with the price that cost. The precious necklace stone is originally came from Madagascar; the weight of approximant is gaining to 385 ct.