Having Wedding Program Samples

Having wedding program samples is desirable by people to hold their wedding. Wedding program is very important for almost wedding commonly as the result of culture or ethnic wedding tradition. Every people will realize their wedding based on their tradition and culture, to make it as fit as with the place you are. Having wedding program sample will be very helpful in planning the wedding.

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What should be Include in the Wedding Program

The order of events is explained by the wedding programs. You can find the list of wedding songs and readings, and name the members of the wedding party. The couples can use the wedding program sample as the way to make their ceremony more personal. It is also acceptable for them to include songs or poems to have special meaning of the couple. You have to use wedding program include directions from the wedding ceremony to the reception, lyrics to a song, or even explanation of ceremony rituals.

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Some details to include:

–          Introduction

–          Ceremony order

–          Names of officiates, , musicians, wedding planners.

–          Names of the wedding party

–          List of songs and readings

–          Memorials

–          Brief biographies

–          Readings/quotations

–          Explanation of rituals

–          A thank you to parents, guests, and relatives

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–          Fun Sentiments, is a short description on how both of you met or humorous anecdote about the first date.

Above, many things we should consider in making wedding program.

The format of  wedding ceremony program

There are many wedding program format to choose such as, a single card, a multiple-page booklet, or a tri-fold, among others. You have to make sure that you have prepared your program very carefully before printed.  The cover of wedding format includes the date or names of the couple, location and time of the ceremony, with an image and a design element, such as a monogram, picture or scroll.

Wedding program etiquette

Almost wedding will choose weather they tend to hold traditional wedding, a large wedding, or a particularly long ceremony, wedding programs give guests clear direction on the various events on a wedding etiquette book.

The receiver of wedding ceremony program

We have to know the rule in the program that is commonly per couple and one per single guest. Most guests don’t mind sharing and some of them who attend the reception will not attend the ceremony.

The hands out

We have to give the ushers and designated friends the clear direction about to handle your wedding.

Wedding porgram samples is very helpful, right? to read more about wedding planning, you have to consider about preparing wedding using wedding registry checklist.

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