How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost

People often ask about how much the average wedding cost for a special wedding. In America, the wedding cost almost spend from 20.000 U$ up to 30.000 U$. This is a cost that enough for buying a nice new car or be a 20% down payment on a $145,000 home. Yap, it means that average wedding cost is not cheap.

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Average Wedding Cost

For holding a wedding, we need many amenities such as wedding dresses, photographer, rent and decoration, etc that costs between 20.000 U$ up to 30.000 U$. Unless if you want to do a intimate wedding which are only family and close friends who come, you need prepare about $1,000.

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Ironically, many people often say that they will not hold the big wedding because they don’t have enough money. In fact, many aspects of planning a wedding are out of the bride- and groom-to-bes’ hands. It is a feared if people remain bill after their wedding because they held big wedding inappropriate with their own budget.

For deciding the wedding cost, considering many things above will be very wise.


You have to decide the scope and size of your wedding, and then you can decide what things you need based on its significance.


You need to consider how many a wedding costs that depends on the price of each element planned for the wedding day. Every wedding amenities has is financial consideration.

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Every types of wedding have its type of cost. For 200 guest, it will cost about 25.000 U$, while for 100 it will cost about 10.000 U$.


In every place, the cost will be different. Where you get married will decide its cost.


Every body wants to have a success wedding. The big wedding does not guarantee a satisfaction; perhaps the intimate wedding will be more interesting.

Generally, the presentation of the cost is something like this:




Food and alcohol-45 %

Gifts and favors-4 %

Invitations-3 music-7 %

Miscellaneous – 4%

Photography -5%

Reception and Rentals – 10%

Transportation – 1%
Ideography – 2%
Wedding Rings – 2%

There is remaining 5% from subtotal for tips and taxes.