How To Address Wedding Invitations Without Inner Envelope

People often ask how to address wedding invitations without Inner envelope. In holding wedding party, invitation is one of the important things to prepare based on the theme. Invitation usually convey the theme of the wedding, is it going to be formal or informal? Wedding invitation also convey the festive of the event, is it going to be so prestigious or just a simple wedding party.

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Addressing Wedding Invitations without Inner Envelope

In addressing wedding invitation, people should consider some rules according to their culture, situation, and belief. There are some etiquette in addressing wedding invitation. If you do the mistake in addressing your wedding invitation, it probably make a misunderstanding between you and your guest.

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You have to consider many things related to wedding invitation. The first think should you consider is what your theme is. You have to know, is your wedding party going to be formal or informal? A more formal wedding party usually come both with inner and outer envelope. The outer envelopes functions to protect the contents from possible damage during mailing and contains the complete address of invitees, while inner envelopes bear only the names to maintain formality. On the other side, the wedding invitation without inner envelope seems to be less formal. So, in addressing wedding invitation without inner envelope, you need to follow some steps.

  1.  if you invite married couples, address the outer envelope with “Mr. and Mrs.” For example: Mr. and Mrs. John. If the wife kept her maiden name, address it as: Mr. John and Mrs. Klein.
  2. Don’t forget to put their titles. For a married couple who are both doctors for example, address them as: The Doctors John. If only the husband who is the doctor, for example: Dr. and Mrs. John.
  3. You have to specify the names of children under 18 years old on the outer envelope when they are invited along with their parents. For example Mr. and Mrs. John Smith on the first line, and Mr. Dylan Smith and Miss Tara Smith on the next line. Don’t forget to write the names of children from the eldest to the youngest. If you invite the children over 18 years old, give them the separate invitation.
  4. If you want to invite the couple person, write them on the same invitation, but address the invitation to the person closer to you with his/her name first. For example: Miss Smith and Mr. Brooke.
  5. You have to give unmarried guests the option to bring a friend. Address the invitations by writing: Mr. Smith and guest. If you don’t want your guest to bring a friend, just write the person’s name by itself.
  6. To invite the brothers and sisters, address invitations by sharing the same address by writing: The Messrs. Johnson, The Misses Olsen, or Mr. Johnson and Miss Johnson.
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So, in addressing the wedding invitation without inner envelope is not difficult, right. Just consider some etiquette.