How To Create Wedding Planning Timeline

Planning a wedding is a wonderful experience, but also one that can be very time consuming and overwhelming. Making a wedding planning timeline is easy and worth the time to sit down and put together because it will end up saving a lot of time and frustration later.

Posted on September 24, 2017 Wedding, Wedding Ideas

Instructions create wedding planning timeline: make a list of everything you need for the wedding. Count down to the current date to see how many weeks you have until your wedding. Create a new document and the title is “timeline of wedding planning.” Set the page layout for landscape style. Create a table with invisible lines. Make bold headings across the top line with a countdown of months and weeks before the wedding.

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Create a new entry every month up to two months and then go every two weeks to a month and then every week. Note the date of the week with the “six weeks until” title. Put the date in a source color so it stands out.

Fill in the information for what to do in each heading. Print all pages. Tape the pages together in a long line or staple together. Post a wall often looks so it will remember what to do and stay on wedding planning timeline.

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