Ideas For Addressing Wedding Invitations

After much effort, the guest list is ready. Time to go after the correct names of each guest to the wedding invitation should be addressed properly. But first, watch for some points. There are different ways of addressing wedding invitations depending on the couple’s situation or the intention of the couple.

Posted on March 27, 2018 Wedding, Wedding Invitations

Use Mr., Mrs. or Miss. before the name in formal addressing wedding invitations. It is a way of showing respect and follows the rules of etiquette. Mr. and Mrs. for married guests and Miss. for single guest. However, young and modern couples choose to put only the first name of the guests. To invite a couple and their family, place the guest’s name followed by the word “Family”.

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To invite dating couples or living together, what sets the first case the second is the letter “e” between the names. If the couple lives together, place the full name of each, with the conjunction “and.” For the pair of lovers, will the full name of each without the “e”. The other option is to send a separate call for each.

Addressing wedding invitations for a single or divorced friend put only her name. If she has children, you can put “and Family”, which means that all the family will be invited.

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