Ideas In Hourglass Tattoo

Tattoo is one of the choices when you want to have the new look in your appearance. Well, tattoo is kind of the artwork in the part of the body. Applying the tattoo will be useful when you want to increase your confidence and the sense of art. Here, we will talk about the hourglass tattoo. The hourglass tattoo idea is kind of the example of the unique design. There are some ideas of it. You can see some of it below.

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The broken hourglass

Talking about thehourglass tattoo, we can consider the broken as the first idea of it. Well, the broken hourglass tattoo is kind of the special idea with its uniqueness. This tattoo idea is special with the broken condition of the hourglass. It has high aesthetic value. This tattoo will be special when you try to combine some colors on it, such as the red, black and green.

15 Photos Gallery of: Ideas in Hourglass Tattoo

Hourglass Tattoo TumblrSize: 731 x 1093

Hourglass Tattoo QuotesSize: 774 x 1032

Hourglass Tattoo MeaningSize: 730 x 1095

Hourglass Tattoo IdeasSize: 859 x 1600

Hourglass Tattoo DesignsSize: 1024 x 984

Hourglass Tattoo ArtistSize: 1165 x 1600

Hourglass Tattoo ArtSize: 670 x 1192

Hourglass Arm TattooSize: 900 x 1514

Hourglass Angel TattooSize: 748 x 1067

Awesome Hourglass TattooSize: 1024 x 1338

Antique Hourglass TattooSize: 800 x 1026

Amazing Hourglass TattooSize: 1024 x 1619

The sleeve

Another thing of the hourglass tattoo that can be your idea is the sleeve tattoo. Well, the sleeve is kind of the best position to have tattoo. With applying the tattoo in your sleeve, you will be able to have the big tattoo. Here, all you need is choosing the details of your design. In this case, you can make any wings beside the hourglass to increase its value.

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