Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Sometimes you encounter a place so completely unexpected it takes your breath away. Edgewood Tahoe is certain to do just that. As you drive through the pine forest along Lake Parkway, only the occasional glimpse of green fairway hints at what lays ahead. Suddenly the trees part and there, spread out before you, is a gorgeous scene. Have you ever imagined if that gorgeous place can a place for your most memorable  time? For your wedding ceremony perhaps? Yes this an idea of the outdoor wedding venue. It must be something special for your special moment

Posted on May 13, 2018 Wedding, Wedding Ideas

On today’s post we will be talking about outdoor venues. When you think about having your wedding outdoor do you consider the factors that are involved in making it a comfortable experience. As a bride who has always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding under all circumstances she also keep in mind the factors that can make or break a successful outdoor wedding.

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1) Of course beautiful weather of lake tahoe.
2) A basket with  hand fans for the ladies to keep them cool.
3) Some cool drinks i.e. water, iced tea or lemonade for the guest to drink while waiting for the couple.
4) Soft music playing in the background.
5) Beautiful tented venue well ventilated.

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1) Bad weather.
2) Bugs.
3) Wet grass, even on a nice day if the grass is wet especially for ladies with heels.
4) Poorly ventilated facility/tent.

But the breaks of the outdoor wedding venue can be solved by a  well done planning. For the bad weather, you can view the weather forecast first. Then you choose a perfect day when the weather is going to be friendly to your weeding ceremony.  About bugs, you can use a favor of  bus terminator company. And for the poor ventilated facility /tent, you can adapt it with the setting of air conditioner.