Leo Tattoo: The Noble And Powerful Lion

Lion is a notable animal. People often regard lion as the king of the jungle for its charismatic and noble look. Moreover, lion also becomes one of the notable zodiac sign, which is Leo. That’s why people often use this animal as one of tattoos. So, here Leo Tattoois presented. This tattoo is often found in shoulder-like Mesut Ozil owns-back, and any other part of body.

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The Interpretation of Leo Tattoo

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Leo Tattoos On WristSize: 720 x 714

Leo Tattoo SalvadorSize: 520 x 346

Leo Tattoo ArtistSize: 721 x 1000

Leo Tattoo ArtSize: 600 x 632

Leo Arm TattooSize: 800 x 844

Leo Aries TattooSize: 600 x 450

Leo Angel TattooSize: 520 x 350

Leo Ambigram TattooSize: 600 x 450

Leo TattoosSize: 1280 x 1280

Leo Tattoos PicturesSize: 1024 x 830

Leo Tattoo TumblrSize: 774 x 1032

Leo Tattoo PloiestiSize: 774 x 1032

Leo Tattoo MeaningSize: 900 x 1200

Leo Tattoo IpatingaSize: 736 x 1087

Leo Tattoo IdeasSize: 1024 x 768

Leo Tattoo DesignSize: 700 x 1342

Leo Tattoo AmericanaSize: 900 x 1200

Leo Tattoo is interpreted as the symbol of strength and power. This tattoo is often related to the authority and the command over subconscious thought for lion is a nocturnal animal. Many ancient cultures consider lion as the symbol of solar animal although the fact mentions lion as the nocturnal animal. Moreover, lion tattoo, Leo the Lion Tattoo can serve the message of sound judgment and balance. Lion shares night and day to keep the things balance. That’s how lion shares the meaning.

Leo Tattoo Popularity

Lion is also used as the symbol in some countries. Let’s take a look at the common emblem of English sovereigns. There is a symbol of lion which implicitly shows some qualities such as royalty, leadership, honor, strength, and courage. For the Leo Tattoo’s interpretation, wonderful meanings and symbols, both men and women use lion tattoo, Leo the Lion Tattoo as their permanent art in their body.

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