Lovely Gift; Opal Necklace

Neck is one of human part body that use to be inviting enough for every eyes, there is kind of neck view which is different according the anatomy. Necklace is perfect feature for neck look, it hanging rounding which is made by jewel and connecting by the string line. Having growing as the one of the most integral part of human life as a gift, the jewelry string also becoming decorated with more variant to force a beautiful looks for those wear it. Opal necklace is perhaps one of the most stunning jewels but also it was expensive so it was qualifying for rich people or lucky women.

Posted on June 25, 2018 Necklaces Jewelry

Opal necklace is combining a precious stone with stringing neck to give a beautiful jewel around the bottom head; it also called semiprecious necklace stone. It was combination of gems color that produce the rainbow shades by opal necklace and lightless in night or dark. It was perfect idea for gift and celebrating.

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White Opal NecklaceSize: 800 x 800

Floating Opal NecklaceSize: 605 x 605

Fire Opal NecklaceSize: 900 x 900

Lovely Opal Necklace Designing

Our first lovely semiprecious necklace stone is glass vintage opal necklace, it was fire opal stone vintage made from 1940’. Performing a super vibrant colors show the precious stone jewel has few of little cloud. Filling up with 14k gold and gold chain so locking jumps gold ring. Available for various length and closes necklace 14 k gold lobster filled. The main opal sized 7/8 length, it was stunning necklace stone and sell around $36.00 USD for each item.

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Second opal necklace is heart necklace, it definitely designing and produce a love symbol. The whole pedant was colored white classy and so the string necklace, it was simple but stunning enough for aye. The heart necklace pedant opal measure is 10mm, 17’’ approximately and style wearing is 26’’ length. It is available for variant color such as pink, white and blue. Sell around $26; it was simple jewel and cheap gift.

Our last opal necklace is blue opal stone, combining well with hard chain and stunning stone the necklace was recommending gift for celebration. Selling around mid-high price level, it cost $33 USD each item base was opal and sterling silver. The semiprecious necklace stone pedant was basically colored blue spring light, it was magnificent look. Performing well with oval line chain and lobster clasp to produce crystal tiny Swarovski edge finish, it was the first show of the necklace. Available for adjustable variant necklace string, the blue opal necklace is quiet modern and stylish for gift.