Making Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements – You can build or vases filled with flowers when you add flowers to the wreaths or bows. This you can achieve by replacing wire stems of flowers. The wire is more flexible than the stems making it easier to include flowers in your wedding arrangements. This technique also works for cascading bouquets. Cut the stems of your silk flowers natural to 1 inch. Because the stems can stand in the way to provide floral arrangements should be kept as short as possible.

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Cut the cable length you will need for the flower stem. Push this wire through the bottom of the stem to the tip is at the base of the wedding flower arrangements. Takes a second cable that is twice the first cable and pull it perpendicularly through the base of the flower. Bending the two ends of the second wire down so that they are parallel to the first wire and twisting together the three ends.

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Wrap floral tape all around the stem and cable. This gives the stem a smooth appearance and helps the wire to stay safe. Wedding flower arrangement keeping the base of the flower as close to the base as possible. Use wire strands to ensure the foliage to the base around flowers, as this will cover the area where the flowers together.

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