Monogram Letters Cake Topper In Simple Decoration

Make monogram letters cake topper. A very simple decoration is to create letters. To do this, draw or print on plain paper the letter or letters (could also be a simple line drawing, a monogram or a single icon) and you have a straight, flat table. On this sheet of paper will place a sheet of clear acetate suitable for food or a glass (we can use a glass or similar mold) we will have to spray with vegetable oil, or that we somehow oiled.

Posted on October 4, 2017 Wedding, Wedding Cakes

Monogram letters cake topper is cool design. Once achieved the desired shape, let cool without moving. When you are cold to the touch, very bright and colorful, which will take off from the surface very carefully, if necessary helping with the tip of a knife or spatula. For placement on the cake, we can ensure pinches (placing sticks before the caramel cool), or we can create a candy base on which to support them and will subject the part when this is still liquid foundation.

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Monogram letters cake topper is a very simple technique that will help you decorate your cakes and pies practice and quickly. You only need a bit of practice and soon going to be an expert to create original ornaments candy.

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