Peeking Through Sideway Cross Necklace Price Around Online Shops

Sideway cross necklace becomes the second type of cross necklace that becomes popular nowadays. The cross pendant is hanged in sideway as the name of this necklace. This type of necklace is created just like the usual cross necklace that comes in gold, silver, etc. The pendant is usually positioned in the center of the necklace, but it is also worn in left side of the necklace; it depends to you in how you wear it.

Posted on May 27, 2018 Necklaces Jewelry

The Lowest Price Sideways Cross Necklace in Some Online Websites

The first price tour comes to eBay website. In this website, sideway cross necklace has 5 cheapest prices in different type. The first type is sideway cross pendant that is made by gold plated pendant necklace. This small blue cross pendant necklace comes from China. It is labeled for AU $1.00. This cross pendant necklace has length for 50cm. For the material itself, it is made from Alloy.

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In Etsy, the sideway cross necklace is priced for US $34.00. This necklace is named as Kelly Ripa sideway cross necklace. It is because this necklace is similar to what is worn by Kelly Ripa, an American actress. This white handmade sideway cross necklace is made from clasp, chain, tag, and sterling silver. It is shipped to worldwide from Texas, US. The sleek and thin of this necklace give the elegant side from what it is seen.

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The Highest Price Sideway Cross Necklace in Some Online Websites

For the highest price you can find in eBay website, sideway cross necklace comes from Italian Design Jewelers. This white gold cross necklace is worth for US $1,000.00 for each. The item location is in New York, but it is shipped for worldwide. It is because this necklace has 30 carats and diamonds. Both chain and pendant color is in white. As the amount of price, this sideway cross necklace is wrapped in box as presentable gift.

For the next familiar “Kelly Ripa” sideway cross necklace is made from gold and diamond. The whole cross pendant is made from gold, while the diamond fills the necklace hook. This handmade necklace is also shipped from Texas, US with the signature tag of Theresa Mink in the clasp. The gold is worth for 14 carats for the gold bezel, gold pendant, and gold chain that is sized for 16”. But, you can also order for the longer size until 19” with no charge for that. Now that you have known some prices in the online websites, you can get one for your own Christmas gift depends on what you need!