Peter M. Krask Flower Bouquets For Weddings

Right now, you have to choose the appropriate flower bouquets for weddings. You can get flower bouquets for weddings by ordering those to the florist or even arrange the flower yourself. The flower bouquets will be matched with your wedding dress and wedding decoration. It is important to decide the fit color and kinds of the flower you use. We offer some popular flower bouquets by Peter M. Krask for your wedding to inspire you in buying the flower bouquets or even to arrange the flower yourself.

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The List of Wedding Flower Bouquets

Modern minimalism

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White Elegant BouquetSize: 420 x 476

White BouquetSize: 417 x 470

Purple BouquetSize: 500 x 500

Pink BouquetSize: 480 x 480

This is s single variety of flower with long-stemmed wine-colored calla lilies. It is loosely arranged in an architectural bundle is simple and dramatic.

Classic white

Classic and traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. You can choose roses as classic wedding flower in varying shades of whites and creams accented with white tea roses and pale yellow spray roses. White hydrangeas and the deep green add depth of the impression.

Purple posy

This is a charming little cluster just might steal the show with ultra-vivid hues. The palette is completed with deep lavender roses, lavender sweet peas, and stock in pinks and purples. The roses and sweet peas also have a heavenly fragrance.

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Palette passion

Ever think pink could be romantic, right? This is a monochromatic bouquets (stick to 3-4 flower types) pack a punch. You can find the bouquet in varying shades of pale to hot pink with hydrangeas and roses.

Rose Redux

People’s favorite wedding flower gains something in a spectrum of colors which gradually grow more intense and deep. This is an assortment of roses in cream to russet hues containing the Elize, Sahara, peach, and two-toned Leonidas.

Season’s best

In the autumn mix, unconventional bridal blossoms like yellow and chocolate sunflowers mix with deep Black Magic roses, orange dahlias pull it all together. If you use flowers in season helps cut costs.

Intense orange

Orange is an adventurous color. You have to choose attention-getting color adds a twist to a classic dome bouquet. The fiery miniature amaryllis mix here with russet and gold calla lilies and two-toned Leonidas roses that are so perfect.

Blue mood

Blue is a calm color, and it is good to choose for wedding. Nowadays, smaller-scale bouquets are a good way to experiment with texture. You can choose spiky blue veronica, a cost-cutting wildflower, pokes up above blue hydrangea and tweedia.

Pageant presence

You can carry this bouquet in the arms like a beauty-queen prize (hence the name). The pageant bouquet creates a modern turn in this version of unadorned long-stemmed calla lilies and French tulips in creamy ivory. You can place the bare stems in water at your reception for an extra floral decoration, and then you can enjoy the blooms at home after the wedding.

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The flower bouquets is very important for wedding, because it add the beauty for your wedding. To add the beauty of your wedding, you can also use many variety of wedding centerpieces.