Princess Cut Diamond Rings Vs Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings

Looking for the rings, have you known that there are many kinds of diamond shapes that is made for the ring? Princess cut diamond rings are one of diamond cut shapes that is popular in around jewelry world. This diamond shape sits in the second most popular after the round diamonds.

Posted on July 27, 2018 Hands Jewelry

The Shape of Diamond Rings

Princess cut diamond rings are made in rectangular and square shapes. The four corners flank around the beauty of this shaped diamond. The side of the diamonds is like the pyramid that is put upside down. The surface of the diamonds is usually called crown and the bottom part of the diamond is made like cone. The rich color that is shown by the corners of the diamonds made this ring different to the other rings. For the round brilliant cut ring, it is shaped round as its name. Round brilliant cut diamond rings are usually more demanded than another diamond shape rings because of the popularity.

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The History of Cut Diamond Rings

The princess cut diamond rings are made in 1960s. It becomes popular, following the high trend of round cut diamond rings. Princess cut diamond rings include early French style in its history. It is because the design that comes from “Double-French” on the surface of the diamond. This ring name comes from Arpad Nagy from London in 1961. Arpad Nagy firstly named this cut as profile cut. It is then introduced in 1979 to the world by Israel Itzkowitz, Betzalel Ambar, and Ygal Perlman in Israel. The next kind of princess cut diamond that is branded as “Quadrillion” is distributed in Los Angeles by Ambar Diamonds. For the round diamond cut, it is made in 1900s as the early diamond cut for rings. In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky developed round diamond cut in North America. The brilliance and fire is determined by mathematical calculation.

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Cut Diamond Rings for Memorable Moments

Both of the rings have the same mission. They are usually made for engagement and wedding rings. Classic weddings are usually filled with classic personality couple that mostly chooses round diamond cut rings. It is because this ring looks traditional and simply elegant. For those people with fun and cheerful, they can choose the princess cut diamond rings as the best choice in engagement or wedding occasion. This ring can also show your good intelligence personality. Lately, the diamond buffer is created in various designs.

Princess cut diamond rings has lower price than the round cut diamond rings. But, princess cut diamond rings weighs more that round cut. It is because princess cut diamond is flanked by the four corners. However, round cut diamond rings usually have higher price than the princess cut diamond. The reason can depend on the size of the diamond. Even the diamond carat has the same value as round diamond cut, the fact is that princess cut diamond rings are cheaper because it keeps the 80% of the rough diamonds while the round diamond only keeps 50% rough diamonds.