Prom Nail Designs

After receiving the prom invitation, girls would likely to prepare everything to make it look great on their special event, like prom hairstyle, prom dress, prom heels, and even prom nail designs. The nail is not something girls could leave it. Our hands would be the main attention as we would use it many times, when taking the refreshments, shaking hands with friends, hugging best friends, or even when we just entered the place we will be the center of attention from our hair till our toes. Nails are surely important, and finding the best nail designs for prom is a task that girls should really consider. Choose it before trying to look for dress would be good, as you could match the dress of your nails.

Posted on November 1, 2017 Nail Design

Great Prom Nail Designs

There are various options of designs you could choose to wear it to your prom. Like glam and shimmery nails with half moon which you could get by starting with gold base and use triangle stencils with sparkly shade. Or the metallic starburst nails which you could start from purple-grey bae and gold nail art pen to draw starburst. You could choose chevron accent nail where you paint the ring finger white and use black nail art pen to make zigzag lines. There are many other designs you could try, all you have to do is be as creative as you can!

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Prom Dresses

Like what had been stated before, the dresses are also important. After you’ve done with your nail, you could match your dress to get the perfect finished look. Like the metallic starburst nails above, you could match it with either a simple colored dress or even pull it out by the metallic colored dress to make it more interesting as you will really standout with the dress.