Review Of Tony And Tina’s Wedding Theater

Tony and Tina’s wedding is a theatrical fun show that lets the audiences to be part of the act. Tony and Tina’s wedding is based on Italian-American wedding and reception you can join with the show and they will talk to you like you are part of the family attending the wedding. Next, they also will ask you if we are locals from Vegas or a visitor. Anthony Curtis’ Las Vegas Advisor calls it as the “Mother of all interactive shows”. The New York Times reported it as “Audaciously imaginative”, and now you experience it for yourself in Sin City. The genre of the show is real live comedy.

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About Tony and Tina’s Wedding Theater

This show was firstly performed at American Legion Hall on West 14th street on November 11th, 1985. The thirteen original cast members also share copyrighted authorship such as Kevin Alexander, Tom Allen, James Altuner, Elizabeth Dennehy, Mark Campbell, Nancy Cassaro, Chris Fracchiolla, Jack Fris, Mark Nassar, Patricia Cregan Navarra, Larry Pellegrini, Susan Varon, and Moira Wilson. This shows also performed in many cities including New York City, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Dallas, Orlando, San Francisco, and Chicago.

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Tina And TonySize: 415 x 332

You will enjoy sitting back to watch future in-laws bicker at each other without the stress of dealing with your real family, then this is the show for you. In this show, you can be really fun because you will precede the wedding ceremony until wedding reception. They will not break out of their roles, but you will be very welcome to try to get them to speak out of character.

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In this show, you will feel as if in the real wedding because you are served with meal and drinks. You can also dine that includes Italian pasta with bread, salad and dessert, all of which is included in your admission price, along with a glass of champagne for the wedding toast. Moreover, you also should use real wedding dress if you want to see the show. You will be freely interacting with the cast as much as you want to. It means that you can dance, mingle, and consume as though you were at a real family wedding.

Tina and Tony’s wedding theatrical shows is a good show to see before wedding. Almost people believe that by seeing this show, they get the idea and inspiration for holding their wedding. For you that have married, it will be an entertaining show as the way to remind and recall your wedding with your beloved husband.