Romantic Candle Lighting Ceremony

When candle lighting ceremony? Can you choose two stages: a) the candles small can turn the moment they arrive at the place where the civil wedding officiate. First the groom, then the bride, as you go on coming. Later, at the time that you have arranged for the marriage ceremony, you encenderĂ­ais together from yours single, common sail. b) Or you can also turn right at the moment that you have arranged the ceremony Vela, which is that the bride and groom each take their respective candle and together light the big center candle.

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There are also other variants, as they are the best men who candle lighting ceremony of the bride and godmother handles candle boyfriend. Once they lit, they are passed to the parties and they join flames in the center candle.

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How do we conclude the ritual? There are two options: a) Once on the main sail, the parties may decide off their individual candle lighting ceremony. to represent that they are now the same person b) Either leave the three lit candles, thus which they suggest that, although a marriage, and as such, the same person at the same time maintain their independence and personality within that union.

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