Show The Balance Of Life With Moon And Sun Tattoo

Having a tattoo still becomes a controversial matter among the people.Some of them prohibit tattoo for religious reasons and the risks. On the other hand, the other argues that tattoo is the inevitable part of culture because some tribe and race use tattoo as the important element of ceremony. One of the most popular tattoos is Moon and Sun Tattoo.

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Interpretations of Moon and Sun Tattoo

People with Moon and Sun Tattoocan have a sensual and whimsical accent in their body. Sometimes, a spiritual side is suggested through this tattoo. Sun and Moon Tattoo has a lot of interpretations. For instance, this tattoo represents the lovers. Sun represents masculinity, and moon represents feminine side. They are also regarded as the representations of Moon Goddess and Sun God. Sometimes, this tattoo is surrounded by some small stars. Moreover, the other interpretations such as yin yang, night and day, and others, are presented too.

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Meaning of Moon and Sun Tattoo

In Moon and Sun Tattoo, sun means power and independence. World cannot survive without sun for the permanent darkness and winter if sun doesn’t exist. On the other hand, moon shows the feeling of human nature. People have this Lunar and Solar Tattoo in some parts of their body, such as waist, leg, shoulder, and the other part. The expression of moon and sun is also varied. They may be smiling, serious, sad, or even scary.

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