Sophisticated Promise Rings For Men And Women

Perfect your special engagement, wedding and the other day with beautiful promise rings. Interestingly, the promise ring is designed special for your personalization whether you tend to choose the minimalist or pretentious ones. Then, it can be sure that the promise ring designs between the man’s and woman’s is different. So, here we introduce you some gorgeous designs of the ring that you will love. Moreover, it is made of high quality materials for each detail like diamond, silver, gold and more.

Posted on July 7, 2018 Hands Jewelry

Promise Ring Materials

It is not always you should have the promise rings that are made of gold or silver. It is because each promise ring has different symbol. For instance, it could symbolize love, commitment, friendship and so on. Then, the different ring meaning, the different material too. For the friendship promise ring, you might choose the promise ring that is created from wood, plastic or platinum. Further, this is mesmerizing to exchange your beautiful promise rings that are made of silver, white gold or gold with diamond accents for your wedding or engagement.

7 Photos Gallery of: Sophisticated Promise Rings for Men and Women

Simple Promise RingsSize: 570 x 570

Promise Rings For MenSize: 600 x 509

Promise Rings For HerSize: 525 x 403

Promise Rings For CouplesSize: 1000 x 1000

Matching Promise RingsSize: 700 x 700

Couples Promise RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Couple Promise RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Engraved Promise Rings

To symbolize your love, you are able to engrave your promise rings with your promise. For example, you can engrave it with your promise that you’ll be hers or him forever. Or, you might engrave it beautifully with your formal agreement too which is symbolized your love. The engraved words can be created on the back or surface of the rings. It could be ‘I love you’, ‘love forever’, your name, and the other romantic words of your promises.

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Personalized Promise Rings

Beside are engraved promise rings, you might be able to perfect your romanticism with excellent diamonds or prestigious stones. The diamonds or stones you can style as round shape or heart shaped diamond. Furthermore, you could put the diamond or stones to upholstered half rings design as you wish. This is gorgeous yet stunning if you like to perfect your royal wedding concept.

Importantly, the promise rings you are going to buy should be matching with the personality of one you are going to exchange the ring with. Also, you should count on your budget too. Don’t force yourself to buy the expensive ring if you can’t. Remember, this is not only about the price and how expensive the ring is. More than that, it’s about how you keep your promises on. Now, check the ring designs of the promise ring. We share the best with stylish designs for men and women. So, keep finding!