Squash Blossom Necklace Details

Do you prefer to have some antique and vintage necklaces? Squash blossom necklace is one of the uniquest and most antique necklace designs. The most legendary squash blossom necklace is which its pendant is called ‘Naja’. It has various designs throughtout the worldwide cultures. And for the crescent form, it comes from the Paleolithic period. And in Phoenician culture, the inverted crescent form is representation of Astarte (goddess of fertility). This form has also been known in ancient Roman. The Naja pendant was usually put on the headstall or the front center band of the horse, but later, this Naja moved into the necklaces.

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Squash Blossom Necklace Philosophy

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Basically, squash blossom necklace is full of philosophy. You can find this squash blossom necklace meaning in Arizona (Saguaro National Monument). The flower symbol in the necklace represents Navajo from 1800’s to 1900’s. While the blossom is represented with almost opened long petals. The flower pendent prefers to Spanish-Mexican motif. That is proven by several squash blossom necklaces were made by hand-hammered Mexican silver coins. In early times, both of blossom and Naja were parts of religious symbols, but nowadays, both is being developed with various designs and styles. The important point is to combine traditional values and modern touches.

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Squash Blossom Necklace Designs

There are so many kinds of squash blossom necklace design such as Navajo squash blossom, Zuni, Turquoise, old style, native, vintage, old pawn and many more. Those designs and styles have their own aesthetic and beauty to fit to your taste and class. I think that each of them has legendary squash blossom necklace values. The whole designs and styles of those necklace will encourage you going back across the centuries and cultures. So, for you who adore the ethnicity and the vintage styles, this necklace design may be favorite one.

Squash Blossom Necklace Prices

To have these squash blossom necklaces, you must purchase your money from only dozens dollar until thousands dollar. The price you purchase depends on the basic material and the size of the squash blossom necklace. As we know that there are various designs of it you can prefer to from diamonds, golds, silver and many more.

You can wear the squash blossom necklace for various occasions and wardrobe requirements. You can mix and match this necklace with such as plain dress, formal clothes and even the T-shirts. Though the value of this squash blossom necklace is vintage, it has elegance and beauty for your modern lifestyles.