Stunning Chocolate Diamond Rings

Romantic man wants to offer the great gift for his special women on the special moment. Particularly, men confused what should they give to her. Flower, chocolate, the favorite cake of his women, little puppy, or big teddy bear, all of the give that the writer mentioned is the gift that really mainstream for the special moment. The most gift that really dreamed by every women is the Chocolate Diamond Rings.

Posted on July 1, 2018 Hands Jewelry

It is about the chocolate that cannot be melted, make women that bring its look really elegant and gorgeous, and the women can bring it everywhere. This is the Chocolate Diamond Rings, it is the one of gorgeous jewelry that really dreamed by every women. This ring is the most gorgeous designed that bring the natural color of chocolate. The writer will be telling about the Chocolate diamond bellow.

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Where the Concept of Chocolate Diamond come?

The chocolate diamond rings concept and design is belonging to the Le Vian Corporation. The big man that designs this concept is Eddie Le Vian, he is the CEO of Le Vian Corporation. They make this chocolate concept because he remembers every people really love chocolate. He wants to get the passion of chocoholics, people who really chocolate addicted. He also wants to show how chocolate not only influence people by food, but t also through a rings that can bring the addiction, passion and obsession from the chocolate energy. The chocolate diamond branded is marked in 2000 and registered in 2008. Now, people in the worldwide will be easily enjoying the passion of it.

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The Kind of Chocolate Diamond Rings

The Chocolate Diamond Rings is the glorious ring that combining with the beautiful brown natural color. The glorious gold in the sparkling color really match with the brown color that will give the rings has more passion. The first favorite model is Le Vian Chocolate Diamond ¾ CT Ring with 14 K Strawberry gold. This ring has square chocolate diamond and the diamond side stone is 38 rounds. The weight of this diamond is ¼ CT.

The second product of chocolate diamond rings concept is Gold Chocolate Brown Heart Rings. As the name, his ring has chocolate diamond in the heart shape. This ring is available in the 7 size, it is combine with the yellow gold that has metal purity 10 K. the gemstone of this ring is diamonds 30, the gram weight is 2.7 gram, and the carat weight is 3.50 total carat weight. Both models for the chocolate diamond concept have glamorous passion capable for the special gift for the special women.