The Air Force Tattoo: The Meaning To Own One For Soldiers

One of our team has his old-timers who work as an army, special air forces who fly some jet for bombing missions in some battle back at the time. Even he is a veteran, he often pay a visit to his grandson here. And he often told us story about his glory back then, showing us his air force tattoos on his arms. And when we ask what does he takes that tattoo to stands out for, and the answer is hilarious.

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The meaning behind soldier’s tattoo

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That veteran said that no matter where division you are put into, what air force ranks you are at, the air force tattooswill always remind a pride. Not only as the pride to be a man who bravely go into a war, but also a pride as the people who fought for their country and pride to be part of it.

Theair force tattoos that grandpa has also depicted as the symbol of comradery. Army is the place where you make the bound which is even more than just a brotherhood. You and your comrade go through some hells together. So, that is actually military tattoo represents!

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