The Asian Culture Approach On Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

In some Eastern Asian continent, precisely some countries like Japan, China, and Korea, the symbol of dragon mean something powerful. Its monstrous visual of that mythological animal is depicted with vicious look and ferocious shape. Shaped as huge snakes with the sturdy scales and flame breath. This animal always become a wonderful logo of any power as how it often carved in some Chinese dynasties’ war battalions, and by the time onwards, the dragon symbol seems to never fade, and now comes a trend called dragon sleeve tattoo.

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Dragon sleeve tattoo meaning and people who made it

In Asian countries like Japan or China, dragon sleeve tattoooften carved on some black organizations member like Yakuza or some city gangsters who rule the city. This dragon tattoo meaning is more than just an image of power, but also telling the meaning of warrior who don’t afraid of anything and as the symbol of their organization.

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The dragon sleeve tattoothat many gangsters on Asia paint on their body also has the meaning of domination. This tattoo of dragon is indeed intact for their world’s definition where domination is one important aspect to gain power.

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