The Bear Claw Tattoo: A Mythological Meaning Behind It!

Having a tattoo might be such a mess up person in the eyes of society, since people have some perspective that the one owning a tattoo often described as the criminal. However, tattoo is actually even deeper than that. It is the whimsical symbolic language that told us story behind that. In some countries in Asia and Europe, they use tattoo as the bound representation. One famous tattoo ideas is animal image, and there is this bear claw tattoothat we recently learn about that to have the mythological meaning behind it.

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Bear tattoo ideas and its meaning

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In some Asian countries, bear claw tattoo often depicts as the guardian or protectors. As how it depicted by the bear as the huge animal that protect the forest from intruders. In some Asian culture, they believe that bear is one animal possessed by God as the guardian of the forest.

The bear claw tattoo also represents the strength and power. In some Europe countries, this bear claw tattoo pictures are the favorite one for many mountain hunters. They have the culture to let their teens to go explore forest to hunt down bear to prove their bravery as a man.

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