The Eyeball Tattoos: A True Sense Of Art Or Stupidity?

The perspective and the point of view about art in the eyes of people are different. Well, if we ask the old timers and the art university students to see a tattoo of a naked lady, they might have different way to see it. The old timers might see that the owner of that are pervert dudes, while the students of arts will see it as masterpiece. Well, recently there is this trend called eyeball tattoos, where the body art going viral to the whole new level.

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Risk and the sense of art?

The trend of eyeball tattoosis getting the critics all around the world. In one side of science, this kind of act is considered as risky things since it is being created in one of important senses that are so sensitive. There are many eyeball tattoos gone wrong out there that lead to serious injury, even death. This one makes the opinion that this act is not an art, but stupidity.

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Eyeball Tattoos RealSize: 800 x 555

Eyeball Tattoos PicsSize: 960 x 831

Eyeball Tattoos HurtSize: 592 x 379

Are Eyeball Tattoos RealSize: 1080 x 720

On the other side, eyeball tattoos are considered as the new type of body arts. Tattoos of eyes are something new, and some people still think that it is okay to do as long as the maker is skillful and has the paramedic expertise. Well, various perspectives are created about it, which one are you?

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