The Favorite Short Hairstyles For Women In 2014

Hairs are the important part of women performance. They can look more beautiful, trendy, and elegant with their hairs. There are various Hairstyles for Women In 2014. They are long, short, and medium hairstyles. In this post, I want share you the favorite Hairstyles for Women In 2014.

Posted on June 18, 2018 Hairstyle Ideas

Pixie Short Hairstyle is the favorite hairstyle for short hairs. This style is more traditional style. But now, in this modern era, this style is added by choppy style. It is very suitable for women who have square and oval face. There are many Hollywood actresses who use this style such as Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. They look so beautiful and trendy. The next one is Pompadour Short Hairstyle.

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Miley Cyrus is artist who uses this hairstyle. It is simple. You only need to cut your hair in short the comb it to the back of your head. It shows a strong personal and trendy performance. The last one is Asymmetric Bob Short Hairstyle. This is the most modern short hairstyle. It looks dynamic, beautiful and calm performance. Those three hairstyles are the most popular and favorite which are imitated by the societies. By having a short hair, you don’t need to have much time to care it. Do you want to try it?

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