The Inspiring Sari Dress

Sari dress are an Indian traditional dress that you can come out with to a casual also a formal event. It’s for sure you don’t have to be Indian to wear it. Everybody could wear the two pieces long skirt dress. On a contemporary fashion a sari could be a one piece dress that looks elegant and classy. So the implementation of the sari garment doesn’t has to be a traditional wrapped on the waist and the other drapped over the shoulder. So it will looks contemporary and modern, yet still had that traditional roots.

Posted on November 27, 2017 Bridesmaids

The sari dress also can be made into unlimited variations. Depending on the style that you wanted. You can made it short and strapless, make it with two straps or even a V-neck dress. The sari and the traditional can always be the inspiration, but it will always be transform into something chic, elegant, and classy dress. Just don’t be affraid to improvise. You could also improvise with the jewelry that you are going to wear with the sari. You shouldn’t make it to obvious because the motifs of the sari is already flare. This include your make up, wear it as natural as you can be, as less as possible, to make your natural beauty show and become a harmony with the colorful sari.

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Wearing a sari dress would make everybody who wear it looks majestic. It will show the world that you had a good taste of fashion. That high fashion inspiration doesn’t always come from Europe or the United State, it can also come from Asia, especially the Indian women. This kind of garment are being used by them from many centuries ago, and by using it somehow we paid some respect for one of the oldest fashion cukture in the world. So it won’t be a usual dress, it will be a magnificent outfit for you to wear.