The Pirate Tattoo For One Piece Anime Fanatics

Who said that become a fan of one phenomenal Japanese comic One Piece is something so childish? There are some people around the world we met in Pop con lately to show that they own also the pirate tattoo. Well, it is not like they have such creepy Flying Dutchman or Davy Jones tattoos on their arms or chests, but they indeed have the pirates tattoo sleeves taken from One Piece. Here are some typical tattoos they have from One Piece.

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The Jolly Roger of Pirates

One good pirate tattoothat represents as well as differentiates it from the other skull tattoos is the Jolly Roger or the pirate flag symbol which is peculiarly symbolized with the cross bone on the skull. In One Piece comic, there are also numerous Pirates crew with various model of Jolly Roger, for example, Straw Hat Pirates has the Jolly Roger with the skull wearing straw hat and else.

14 Photos Gallery of: The Pirate Tattoo for One Piece Anime Fanatics

Pirate Tattoos TumblrSize: 900 x 1200

Pirate Tattoos TemporarySize: 998 x 1500

Pirate Tattoos PicturesSize: 1067 x 1600

Pirate Tattoos HistorySize: 1000 x 1333

Pirate Tattoo TurnhoutSize: 700 x 1536

Pirate Tattoo SudburySize: 800 x 1067

Pirate Tattoo SleeveSize: 888 x 1024

Pirate Tattoo MiamiSize: 1052 x 1600

Pirate Tattoo MeaningSize: 1024 x 1433

Pirate Tattoo MachinesSize: 808 x 989

Pirate Tattoo MachineSize: 800 x 1067

Pirate Tattoo KitSize: 736 x 1103

Pirate Tattoo DesignsSize: 794 x 1080

Pirate Tattoo ArtSize: 774 x 1032

Characters of One piece

The other pirate tattootaken from One Piece comic is the character in that comic itself. For example, Pirate face tattoo of Monkey D. Luffy or Roronoa Zoro with more realistic painting.

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