The Proper Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The Proper wedding invitation etiquette making process can be as one of the challenges in the perfection of a wedding. You should better have a previous research on it before deciding to make the proper one. It should be well considered as one your planning details because this is as the first step in engaging the guests to the wedding plans reference, it is also important to give a deep impression. In the preparations of a wedding, every details are well planned and discussed together as if this kind of occasion has to be perfectly celebrated without any missing pieces. When making the proper wedding invitation etiquette, you must be sure if the single guests over eighteen years old are allowed to come to the wedding with their date, but with a boundary that they only come with someone you know in your past. This is a polite way to eliminate the stress of wedding.

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette Rules

The wedding invitation is meant to determine the tone for the wedding moment itself. It let people know that there is going to be a particular occasion with the particular theme, is it a formal or casual occasion and where it is going to be held. You must follow certain rules so that there will be no breaching in the making of a proper wedding invitation. This is exactly why the wedding invitation itself must be chosen as fast as possible so that it can be printed and also addressed in the right time. It depends on some factors in wording the invitation such as who pays the wedding, where the occasion is going to be held, is it going to be a casual or formal and maybe if it is a second wedding.

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While addressing the invitation, you must consider the outer envelope which should include the invitee’s full name and title. But on the inner envelope, you only write the invitee’s last name and title. If you invite a couple who are already living together but not married yet, you should write each of their names on the outer and the inner of the envelope. If the female guests are divorced, then use word “Ms” or “Miss” before the name. If you invite a married couple including their children, then their name should be written only on the inner envelope under the names of their parents. As an indication that your single invitees are allowed to take a date, the outer envelope should be written the name of the invitee only, but you write the invitee name and guest on the inner envelope. Well, making the proper wedding invitation etiquette is challenging, but it is going to be easy once you already understand the rules.