The Simple Pigtails Hairstyle For Teenagers

Girl kids with pigtails are very cute. How about if you become teenagers? Pigtails maybe are not suitable with your age. But, if you like Pigtails hairstyles, you can still use it with teenage style. How can you make these hairstyles? Now, I will give you some simple Pigtails hairstyles example.

Posted on June 22, 2018 Hairstyle Ideas

The first one is Playful Pigtails. If you have long hairs, you can curl your hair. Divide your hairs into two side parts. Then, make a loose tight under your ear by using a rubber hair. You can use unique shoelaces or ribbons. Make messy effect to make you look more mature. The second one is braid pigtails hairstyle. This is a creative pigtails hairstyle.

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You can make braids with your long hair. Divide your hairs into two side parts. Then, one by one makes braid from the base hairs until the end of your hairs. Do it to the other side. You can add some accessories at the end of your braid or at one side of your head. Those two hairstyles are very suitable for teenagers. They will look cuter and prettier. So, if you still remind your kids, you can use this style without any kiddy style. They are more mature and stylish.

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