The Uniqueness Of Jamaican Wedding Traditions

Jamaican wedding traditions are very unique. Wedding is something sacred for every people in this world. Wedding shows the affection between people and as the crucial thing in every people’s life. In around the world, wedding has its own way and tradition depends on its culture. People also must hold their wedding based on the culture, passion, and tradition in they are. Jamaica is also known as the countries rich in tradition.

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As you know that every country has its own culture and traditions. The culture and tradition is as the result of past that’s still used today. Like another country, Jamaican wedding traditions is also impacted by another country’s culture. Jamaican wedding traditions have changed year to year based on the need of people itself.

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Jamaican Wedding Traditions

Public Criticism

One of the unique traditions in Jamaican wedding is public criticism. According to these traditions, people in Jamaica will line up and down a street near the Church in their wedding day. They wait for the bride to see her appearance. If they think that the bride is not beautiful, so they will give the critic by saying the fact. In most cases, the bride will urn around and make herself up to look more beautiful than before. If the people say that the bride looks beautiful, she can continuo her wedding. Almost brides hope to pass this public inspection

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Proper Etiquette

Have you come to the party without a wedding invitation? It seems rude and impolite, isn’t it? But it is different in Jamaica. If you come as uninvited guest without giving prior knowledge, it seems common. Jamaican believe that on this is the more, the merrier. So, they will be very happy of your coming to make their party merrier. Another fact we can find is, that Jamaican will let you to stay in their wedding for a long time. Wedding in Jamaica will end when the sun rise. On the other hands, if you leave earlier, you may be considered rude and impolite.

The Wedding Cake

We must find wedding cake in every wedding in the world. Different with another country, Jamaican wedding cake is not white. The cake is commonly darker in color and usually consists of various types of fruits. Rum is one of the main ingredients of the traditional wedding cake in Jamaica. One of the special things is, when the find their family or friends did not come to the wedding, they will mail pieces of cake for them.

Walking Down the Aisle

The ne ,t unique Jamaican wedding tradition is walking down the aisle. The bride in Jamaica is common to walk down the aisle escorted by her parents. Even it is common also to walk down only with her father. On the other side, there is rarely a woman escorted by her mother walking down the aisle in Jamaican wedding tradition. But some people believe that in this modern era, it is very common for a woman to escort her daughter to walk down the aisle if the father is not in their life.

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Food at the Reception

In almost wedding traditions, there are certain and special foods served and expected. Jamaican wedding is also has its special food served for wedding. The most favorite is curried goat to be served as the main dish at a Jamaican wedding, with rice on the side. Rum punch is also almost found in Jamaican wedding. This kind of food is made of a fruit syrup, rum pimento and lime. You also can find champagne, wine and other forms of alcohol on the menu of a Jamaican wedding

For you who are interested in combining two cultures, you may consider Jamaican wedding traditions for making your wedding as special as possible. You can combine Jamaican wedding traditions with your own culture.