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Elegant And Perfect Opal Rings

The ring is a kind of small circular band that is worn on the finger. Ring can be used as mere decoration or as sacred sign; sign of engagement or wedding. The ring usually made of precious metals and often regulated by one or more gemstones. A beautiful ring can help you to give a sign of authority on your display. Now, rings are already widely available in multiple kinds. One of them is the opal rings.

Opal is a gemstone composed of hydrated silica. Historically, it is said opal is something that is symbol of hope and purity. Opal becomes very valuable because of its uniqueness that is capable of playing colors. Opal is able to cast the light into a sparkle of rainbow colors. Opal is used as material for opal rings and now opal rings are much sought after because of its beauty.

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Opal Belly Button RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Genuine Opal RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Blue Opal RingsSize: 838 x 838

Opal has various body colors, ranging from semi-transparent to opaque. The most common opal is white opal. Opal water or so-called Crystal has a body that colorless. The most valuable opals are black opal, dark blue, gray, or opal with black body color. There is so-called Boulder opal; opal combines precious opals with iron rocks that formed it. Another variation of the opals is opal bright yellow, orange, or red fire opal. These opals are very different from the previous. These opal rings has transparent to translucent properties that make it stay beautiful without having to play colors. Many people says that opal is best material for rings. But, now price of opal stones is very expensive.

How to Treat Opal Rings?


Opal rings should be treated with extreme caution. Opal has the properties of a softer and more fragile than other gems. Opal ring should be stored carefully to avoid scratching of other jewelry. The ring is also to be protected from the blow, because the opening angle easy to fragile. Besides, opal also should be avoided from heat or acid. In addition, opal rings should be cleaned with a soft cloth without using any cleaning solution.

Sterling Silver Opal Rings


This stacking opal ring is made of solid sterling silver at .925. It is suitable to be installed simultaneously in separate finger. These opal rings made from a blend of Natural Ethiopian opal stone round 5mm/ 1mm band, 1mm twisted rope stacker, and smooth band 1.2mm. It priced at $ 52.00 USD.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings Vs Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings

Looking for the rings, have you known that there are many kinds of diamond shapes that is made for the ring? Princess cut diamond rings are one of diamond cut shapes that is popular in around jewelry world. This diamond shape sits in the second most popular after the round diamonds.

The Shape of Diamond Rings

Princess cut diamond rings are made in rectangular and square shapes. The four corners flank around the beauty of this shaped diamond. The side of the diamonds is like the pyramid that is put upside down. The surface of the diamonds is usually called crown and the bottom part of the diamond is made like cone. The rich color that is shown by the corners of the diamonds made this ring different to the other rings. For the round brilliant cut ring, it is shaped round as its name. Round brilliant cut diamond rings are usually more demanded than another diamond shape rings because of the popularity.

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The History of Cut Diamond Rings

The princess cut diamond rings are made in 1960s. It becomes popular, following the high trend of round cut diamond rings. Princess cut diamond rings include early French style in its history. It is because the design that comes from “Double-French” on the surface of the diamond. This ring name comes from Arpad Nagy from London in 1961. Arpad Nagy firstly named this cut as profile cut. It is then introduced in 1979 to the world by Israel Itzkowitz, Betzalel Ambar, and Ygal Perlman in Israel. The next kind of princess cut diamond that is branded as “Quadrillion” is distributed in Los Angeles by Ambar Diamonds. For the round diamond cut, it is made in 1900s as the early diamond cut for rings. In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky developed round diamond cut in North America. The brilliance and fire is determined by mathematical calculation.

Cut Diamond Rings for Memorable Moments

Both of the rings have the same mission. They are usually made for engagement and wedding rings. Classic weddings are usually filled with classic personality couple that mostly chooses round diamond cut rings. It is because this ring looks traditional and simply elegant. For those people with fun and cheerful, they can choose the princess cut diamond rings as the best choice in engagement or wedding occasion. This ring can also show your good intelligence personality. Lately, the diamond buffer is created in various designs.

Princess cut diamond rings has lower price than the round cut diamond rings. But, princess cut diamond rings weighs more that round cut. It is because princess cut diamond is flanked by the four corners. However, round cut diamond rings usually have higher price than the princess cut diamond. The reason can depend on the size of the diamond. Even the diamond carat has the same value as round diamond cut, the fact is that princess cut diamond rings are cheaper because it keeps the 80% of the rough diamonds while the round diamond only keeps 50% rough diamonds.

Sophisticated Promise Rings For Men And Women

Perfect your special engagement, wedding and the other day with beautiful promise rings. Interestingly, the promise ring is designed special for your personalization whether you tend to choose the minimalist or pretentious ones. Then, it can be sure that the promise ring designs between the man’s and woman’s is different. So, here we introduce you some gorgeous designs of the ring that you will love. Moreover, it is made of high quality materials for each detail like diamond, silver, gold and more.

Promise Ring Materials

It is not always you should have the promise rings that are made of gold or silver. It is because each promise ring has different symbol. For instance, it could symbolize love, commitment, friendship and so on. Then, the different ring meaning, the different material too. For the friendship promise ring, you might choose the promise ring that is created from wood, plastic or platinum. Further, this is mesmerizing to exchange your beautiful promise rings that are made of silver, white gold or gold with diamond accents for your wedding or engagement.

7 Photos Gallery of: Sophisticated Promise Rings for Men and Women

Simple Promise RingsSize: 570 x 570

Promise Rings For MenSize: 600 x 509

Promise Rings For HerSize: 525 x 403

Promise Rings For CouplesSize: 1000 x 1000

Matching Promise RingsSize: 700 x 700

Couples Promise RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Couple Promise RingsSize: 1000 x 1000

Engraved Promise Rings

To symbolize your love, you are able to engrave your promise rings with your promise. For example, you can engrave it with your promise that you’ll be hers or him forever. Or, you might engrave it beautifully with your formal agreement too which is symbolized your love. The engraved words can be created on the back or surface of the rings. It could be ‘I love you’, ‘love forever’, your name, and the other romantic words of your promises.

Personalized Promise Rings

Beside are engraved promise rings, you might be able to perfect your romanticism with excellent diamonds or prestigious stones. The diamonds or stones you can style as round shape or heart shaped diamond. Furthermore, you could put the diamond or stones to upholstered half rings design as you wish. This is gorgeous yet stunning if you like to perfect your royal wedding concept.

Importantly, the promise rings you are going to buy should be matching with the personality of one you are going to exchange the ring with. Also, you should count on your budget too. Don’t force yourself to buy the expensive ring if you can’t. Remember, this is not only about the price and how expensive the ring is. More than that, it’s about how you keep your promises on. Now, check the ring designs of the promise ring. We share the best with stylish designs for men and women. So, keep finding!

Stunning Chocolate Diamond Rings

Romantic man wants to offer the great gift for his special women on the special moment. Particularly, men confused what should they give to her. Flower, chocolate, the favorite cake of his women, little puppy, or big teddy bear, all of the give that the writer mentioned is the gift that really mainstream for the special moment. The most gift that really dreamed by every women is the Chocolate Diamond Rings.

It is about the chocolate that cannot be melted, make women that bring its look really elegant and gorgeous, and the women can bring it everywhere. This is the Chocolate Diamond Rings, it is the one of gorgeous jewelry that really dreamed by every women. This ring is the most gorgeous designed that bring the natural color of chocolate. The writer will be telling about the Chocolate diamond bellow.

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Where the Concept of Chocolate Diamond come?

The chocolate diamond rings concept and design is belonging to the Le Vian Corporation. The big man that designs this concept is Eddie Le Vian, he is the CEO of Le Vian Corporation. They make this chocolate concept because he remembers every people really love chocolate. He wants to get the passion of chocoholics, people who really chocolate addicted. He also wants to show how chocolate not only influence people by food, but t also through a rings that can bring the addiction, passion and obsession from the chocolate energy. The chocolate diamond branded is marked in 2000 and registered in 2008. Now, people in the worldwide will be easily enjoying the passion of it.

The Kind of Chocolate Diamond Rings

The Chocolate Diamond Rings is the glorious ring that combining with the beautiful brown natural color. The glorious gold in the sparkling color really match with the brown color that will give the rings has more passion. The first favorite model is Le Vian Chocolate Diamond ¾ CT Ring with 14 K Strawberry gold. This ring has square chocolate diamond and the diamond side stone is 38 rounds. The weight of this diamond is ¼ CT.

The second product of chocolate diamond rings concept is Gold Chocolate Brown Heart Rings. As the name, his ring has chocolate diamond in the heart shape. This ring is available in the 7 size, it is combine with the yellow gold that has metal purity 10 K. the gemstone of this ring is diamonds 30, the gram weight is 2.7 gram, and the carat weight is 3.50 total carat weight. Both models for the chocolate diamond concept have glamorous passion capable for the special gift for the special women.

Glamorous Sapphire Engagement Ring Collections

Sapphire is the beautiful stone that is precious. Usually, it has bright blue color. Anyhow, there is red sapphire too which as beautiful as the blue. Today, we want to talk and share about the beauty of sapphire engagement rings. Designed gorgeously, these engagement ring designs will captivate your look in your special occasion of engagement day. Moreover, it is perfectly styled with alluring shade of the ring itself. Although it prices higher than the other custom engagement ring, it shouldn’t be a matter if you like to see your princess will be purely beautiful with the ring.

Gold Rings plus Sapphire

The pretentious sapphire engagement rings are made from gold. This is common because sapphire will look extremely stunning when it is put to the gold. There are two kinds of gold generally. First, there is custom gold with sparkling golden tone. Then, there is also silver gold that are loved by everyone. To be honest, those two kinds of gold are majestic to stand with sapphire. Somehow, it backs to you whether you prefer choose the golden or silver gold for your engagement sapphire rings.

6 Photos Gallery of: Glamorous Sapphire Engagement Ring Collections

Sapphire Collections

In fact, there are some dazzling sapphire engagement rings with glamorous styles that you can choose. The gemstones of sapphire have some alluring colors like red, white, blue, green and aquamarine. Besides, there are also maroon sapphires that you can purchase. Somehow, most people tend to use the two stunning sapphire like white and blue than the others.

If you love to have the stunning yet elegant sapphire engagement rings, the white sapphire can be your main alternative to be chosen. The sparkling effects from the sapphire will reinforce your beautiful look and style. More than that, white sapphire is rather exclusive because most people might do not realize that the rings you wear are made of sapphire. The other perfection you will get from the white sapphire is that it is suitable and stunning to style with both golden and silver gold. So, don’t be afraid of the perfection.

Then, there are blue sapphire engagement rings that are extremely outstanding. This special ring design is extremely glamorous yet stunning. The more beautiful ring with blue sapphire will appear if it is set in the white gold or silver band. Further, it is a choice whether you tend to complete the ring with crystallized band or not. Both of them are exquisite don’t be afraid of the beauty of the rings.

Antique Engagement Rings With Diamonds

The antique engagement rings are designed special for you with high excellences. Beside is the design which is special, it also evokes pretentiousness to the wearer. Instead, most antique rings are equipped with exquisite diamonds that are styled as stunning as elegant. Further, the sparkling effect comes from the diamonds makes the finger more beautiful. If you have been so long looking for the most captivating rings that are styled antiquely, you are able to browse it now by opening the gallery below.

Antique Ring Diamonds

The beautiful antique engagement rings are completed with outstanding diamond designs. Most beautiful diamonds on the ring are hand-made. Not to mention, it costs more expensive than the diamonds that are styled using machine. Further, the diamonds are styled beautifully in some shapes like heartfelt design, round and square also hexa-diamond shape. Instead, if you want to have the special yet limited ring design, you are able to design the diamond shape just like you wish. This rings design will be able to reinforce your beauty and personality maximally.

5 Photos Gallery of: Antique Engagement Rings With Diamonds

Interestingly, these antique engagement rings are able to accents with plenty kinds of diamond. There are ruby diamond, aquamarine diamond, crystal and much more. Also, because of the diamonds have various colors, you might style it with the most exquisite diamond styles and colors your love like red, blue, green and maroon diamonds. Then, you could use the diamond as the focal point of the engagement rings. Moreover, you can band the rings with the smaller diamond too. Believe me; it will accentuate the antiqueness of the ring design.

Antique Ring Deco

Not only is the diamond, you can definitely design the ring shape as you want. It could be totally round with stunning diamond on the center. Conversely, the antique engagement rings can be styled with little bends to make it more excellent. Further, although the custom antique rings are designed in thick shades, you can obviously style it with thin shade to the ring design. Beside is extraordinary, this is suitable if you are a casual person that loves the antique ring design.

The more inspirations of antique engagement rings you can find in the antique ring gallery below. It has pretentious collections that will sophisticate your fashion style in your special engagement day. Furthermore, you could captivate your style by choosing the rings which are matching with your dress, engagement concept and personality. The more exquisite ring design you wear, the more outstanding your look will be.

Captivating Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Inspirations

Before purchasing the emerald cut engagement rings, you should notice some elements and details for finding the greatest one. Generally, most amateur only look at the design and interesting sparkling effects come from the emerald. In fact, the considerations are purely important so you won’t be disappointed after taking the emerald engagement rings home. Here are those things you have to note for your elegant perfection.

Emerald Cut Characteristics

The beautiful gemstone of emerald pictures not only is elegant, but also glamorous look. This is true because this gem has some specific characteristics that build the gem pretentiousness. Special for the emerald cut engagement rings, this is smart if you choose the rectangular emerald cut. When you look into the shape, you might think that this is ordinary. Somehow, if you deeply pay attention to the details, you will find those 58 facets that are stunning yet bight. Further, the ratio between length and width of the emerald is generally 1.25. Somehow, if you tend to pick the larger ratio, it is available in 1.35 and 1.40.

5 Photos Gallery of: Captivating Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Inspirations

Emerald Engagement Rings

Although the emerald cut engagement rings aren’t as dazzling as ruby or the other gemstones, emerald ring designs are affordable yet pretty exquisite because it is created in high secure. Additionally, this ring will be purely flattering when it is worn by the people with long slender finger. Then, the more exclusiveness will naturally appear when the rings are not only accented with emerald cut as the masterpiece of the ring. The more beautiful look can be seen when the entire band or half band of the rings are adorned with small diamond cuts to evoke the glitter look to the finger.

Best Emerald Rings

There is the greatest among the great emerald cut engagement rings. The first identity you can see clearly is the emerald prong. Here, the ring should have 4 prongs in order to secure the emerald. By holding the emerald with four prong settings, it means that the emerald on the ring has maximum security even when it is wrapped to the gown or hair.

Then, this is purely significant to make sure that the emerald cut engagement rings you bought is certified. So, you need to ask the certifications of the diamond authentication. Further, if you are afraid of the purity of the emerald, you can bring it to the other trusted jewelry boutiques or laboratories such as AGS, GIA and EGL. Are you ready to shop?

Amazing Halo Engagement Rings

What is a halo? Halo ring is a ring with small diamonds surrounding the center stone. Halo style seems bigger and bolder than the classic solitaire style. This vintage style is really became a trend at the time. Halo engagement rings look very beautiful. This strengthens the presence of diamond rings in many ways.

Halo engagement rings continue to be one of the most stylish rings sought to cover an unforgettable event after other styles. Halo rings gemstone has the overall center diamond surrounded by smaller accent. Halo engagement rings have a variety of shapes for diamond center, such as a circular shape with a diamond’s sparkle and fire, an Asscher with shimmer mirror, decadent pear, cushion brilliant, and fancy yellow radiant diamond. The unique of this ring is that it can be formed of colored gemstones, such as light blue sapphire. Perhaps the sapphire halo engagement ring that most famous is a pretty 14-carat ring belonged to Princess Diana that is now worn by Kate Middleton.

6 Photos Gallery of: Amazing Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings associated with visual impact. There are many factors that can increase or decrease the aesthetic appeal of halo rings, such as the level of precision diamond cut and diamond level of compatibility between one another in terms of color. If the halo ring is not set properly, the light will not flow and will be reflected from the original diamond. Meanwhile, if the diamond is not right for each other, they will draw the eye away from the center of the diamond in this ring.

Certified 1 7/8 Carat Diamond Gear & Channel Set Halo Engagement Rings

These halo engagement rings have a total weight of 1.88 carat. 1.01 carat diamond hanging in the center with round cut that is certified J, SI2 GIA. While the rest of 0.87 carat attached to the round diamond gear set and baguette diamonds channel set in 18k white gold halo style. This ring priced at about $ 7,769.00.

Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Rings with Pavé Setting

This glorious vintage inspired the halo engagement rings to generate attractive to the eyes of the women. Seven round diamonds pave-set, which has a total weight of about 0.59, giving a perfect accent on the choice of center stone weighs approximately 1.00 carats. With color and sharpness suitable for embedded in the fingers, this jewel is made in white gold of 14 carat quality with milgrain and interesting carvings. The total weight is approximately 0.59 carats gem. The ring priced at a fairly cheap at $ 1,675.

Beautiful Princess Cut Engagement Ring Inspirations

Have a nice and unforgettable engagement day for you! But, wait! Are you sure that you have bought the best engagement rings for your special occasion? If you aren’t sure about it, you still have time to buy the new one which is designed as princess cut engagement rings. Pretentiously accessorized with diamond, this cut engagement ring design is made in some styles like 1 cut engagement ring, 2 cut and 3 cut engagement ring designs. More than that, there are ½ cut ring designs too for engagement if you like to choose the smaller one.

Cut Engagement Ring Size

The ½ and 1 princess cut engagement rings are designed beautifully with stunning with diamond as on the center as the centerpiece. This is extremely awesome because the diamonds are styled variously in plenty cut sizes. The simplest but elegant princess engagement ring is designed with one diamond on the stone ring. Conversely, there are the more cut diamonds on the stone rings for the more pretentious yet glamorous ring design. Beside is as the centerpiece, some ring designs are styled with more diamonds as the band. This is excellent because it can reinforce the exquisiteness of the ring design.

7 Photos Gallery of: Beautiful Princess Cut Engagement Ring Inspirations

Further, there are 2 cut and 3 cut engagement rings too. Designed in larger size, this ring is complemented with more diamonds on it. Stunningly, some princess cut engagement rings are completed with larger diamond cuts that display extraordinariness to the wearer. Also, the princess cuts of the rings are styled beautifully in circle, rectangular and round cuts. Not to mention, it gives you more options to choose the most matching ring design for you and your spouse. Amazingly, the diamonds put to this princess cut ring are made of some gorgeous materials like ruby, crystal sapphire and the other gemstones.

Engagement Ring Gold Purity

If you want to wear the stunning princess cut engagement rings in your unforgettable engagement day, you have two choices to choose. First, there is gold engagement ring, and then white gold and sterling silver engagement rings. They all are great and there is no doubt that it has high quality elements and details.

Further, the princess cut engagement rings are made from 10K and 14K gold to make this is purely awesome. Amazingly, you can even choose the rings that are accented with sapphire, ruby or crystal. And because the accents have some colors, you could mix and match it with your engagement theme and dress design.

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