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Cinderella Dresses Wishes

When I was a little girl, I wished I had a collection of Cinderella dresses. It was because I used to watch Disney’s Films. And my favorite Disney’s Film is Cinderella Princess. The reason why I like Cinderella because she is humble and always look after her family in spite of the fact that her step mother and her step sisters are cruel to her. Birds, squirrels, rabbits, and even mice are nice to her, and they become Cinderella’s true friends. They help for daily routine home activities which are given by her step family such as washing, cooking, and making up room.

Someday, the Prince throw a ball party in order to select a wife for him. Every girl in the country is enthusiasm and they try everything to attract the Prince. And it happens to Cinderella and her step sisters. Cinderella wants to attend the party but her step sisters forbid her to attend the party. They are afraid that Cinderella’s beauty would defeat them to get the Prince’s attention. But they still order Cinderella to sew the dresses for them. Cinderella dresses which are sewed for her step sisters are very beautiful. And Cinderella also sews a dress for herself. Unfortunately, her step sisters know it and they tear the Cinderlla’s dress out.

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Short Cinderella DressesSize: 1142 x 820

Prom Cinderella DressesSize: 1600 x 1200

Pretty Cinderella DressesSize: 1600 x 1030

Girls Cinderella DressesSize: 1300 x 1000

Disney Cinderella DressesSize: 1500 x 1005

Cinderella Dresses PromSize: 1600 x 1067

Cinderella Dresses 2014Size: 2560 x 1704

Indeed, Cinderella is sad. But, a fairy comes and hel her. The Fairy gives her some ball dresses. But she needs to choose only one among them. Cinderella lil’ bit confuse which dress should be chosen. Because the Cinderella dresses which are given by the Fairy are more beautiful than the dresses which she seweda. Her friends such as birds, squirrels, and mice help her to choose the right one. And the Fairy transforms her friends becoming a servant and a carriage  to the party. Totally the Cinderella story impresses me a lot. Since I watched the Cinderella cartoon film when I was little a girl, I always wish I had a beautiful dress like hers.