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Attractive Wording For Wedding Invitations

Generally invitation cards must be marked with all the details of the wedding, in addition to original wording for wedding invitations according to the event, the date and place where will take place the party, the name of the parties, and of course a thinking that frames the occasion and the love between the couple is highlighted.

To break the monotony perpetuated in marriage cards, whose rigid, correct and boring texts, we present here a lot of fun and different wording for wedding invitations to give originality and joy to your wedding invitations, for an exciting and fun holiday as must be your wedding , must begin with a groundbreaking invitation. “Using verses, poems, songs or famous quotes, is an excellent way to personalize your wedding invitations.”

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Many modern couples are using famous quotes, or a line from a song, or perhaps some of their favorite poems to give life meaning and original wording for wedding invitations, thus breaking the monotony and boredom of their invitations.  “We, Bride and Groom, moved by the love that we, we decided to unite our lives with joy to make a home (family) and you have our parents, relatives and friends, as faithful witnesses of this union.”

How To Make Wedding Announcement Wording

Wedding announcement wording is something looks easy but exactly it is quite hard and confusing. Wedding announcement is important that is done after the wedding. By using announcement we can tell everyone that we have got married. Wedding announcement should be sent as soon as possible.

By sending wedding announcements mean that you appreciate another people by sharing your nuptial news with the long distance friends or relatives. So, it is essential to choose the right wording to express what was in your heart on your special wedding day without making anyone feel as if they were not included.

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Wedding AnnouncementSize: 400 x 400

Weding AnnouncemntSize: 447 x 320

When you decide to send wedding announcement, you have to be careful in wording. If you don’t use wording appropriately, it is feared that you will hurt another people. Making another people offended is also very wrong, so you have to be careful in using the word for your wedding announcement. You have to consider the spelling, the word, and the way to write the title of your guest. wedding announcement wording is often confusing.

Sample Of Wedding Announcement Wording

If the announcement is issued by the bride and groom, the wording is usually like this:

Two hearts united forever in love

With Joy and Happiness

Sarah Hills


Andrew White

are pleased to announce
that they were married
in a private ceremony
on Sunday, the sixteenth of April
Two thousand twelve
at the Coliseum
Wichita, KS

If the announcement is issued by the parents, the words are usually like this:

J.R. and Michael Evans
Are pleased to announce the marriage
of their daughter
to Jonathan Willington
on the twenty-fourth of December
Two thousand eleven
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

wedding announcement

There are also some etiquette you should consider in wording the wedding announcement

If you are going to announce to a family, the wording is something like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Your Parents
are proud to announce
the marriage of their daughter
Your Name
Mr. Your Groom’s Name
on Sunday, March 4th, 2012

But, if you are going to announce to your friends in your new house (you have moved house after wedding), the wording is something like this:

We were married on
Sunday, March 4th, 2012
Austin, Texas

We’re beginning a new life together
in our new residence:
Our Names
1234 Our Street
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Wedding invitation is important, and wedding annoncement too. We need to inform another people about our happy day.

The Proper Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The Proper wedding invitation etiquette making process can be as one of the challenges in the perfection of a wedding. You should better have a previous research on it before deciding to make the proper one. It should be well considered as one your planning details because this is as the first step in engaging the guests to the wedding plans reference, it is also important to give a deep impression. In the preparations of a wedding, every details are well planned and discussed together as if this kind of occasion has to be perfectly celebrated without any missing pieces. When making the proper wedding invitation etiquette, you must be sure if the single guests over eighteen years old are allowed to come to the wedding with their date, but with a boundary that they only come with someone you know in your past. This is a polite way to eliminate the stress of wedding.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Rules

The wedding invitation is meant to determine the tone for the wedding moment itself. It let people know that there is going to be a particular occasion with the particular theme, is it a formal or casual occasion and where it is going to be held. You must follow certain rules so that there will be no breaching in the making of a proper wedding invitation. This is exactly why the wedding invitation itself must be chosen as fast as possible so that it can be printed and also addressed in the right time. It depends on some factors in wording the invitation such as who pays the wedding, where the occasion is going to be held, is it going to be a casual or formal and maybe if it is a second wedding.

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Wedding InvitaionSize: 500 x 333

While addressing the invitation, you must consider the outer envelope which should include the invitee’s full name and title. But on the inner envelope, you only write the invitee’s last name and title. If you invite a couple who are already living together but not married yet, you should write each of their names on the outer and the inner of the envelope. If the female guests are divorced, then use word “Ms” or “Miss” before the name. If you invite a married couple including their children, then their name should be written only on the inner envelope under the names of their parents. As an indication that your single invitees are allowed to take a date, the outer envelope should be written the name of the invitee only, but you write the invitee name and guest on the inner envelope. Well, making the proper wedding invitation etiquette is challenging, but it is going to be easy once you already understand the rules.

Wedding Program Wording

Wedding Program WordingA well planned wedding produces a magical and stress free day full of fun and unforgettable memories. The success of your wedding will be directly related to the way it is planned. An entertainment company that has extensive experience and portfolio planning and conducting weddings will be able to help you with your itinerary. There is no manual on how to create a wedding program. Currently more and more brides choose to abstain obtain traditional wedding and create a completely personalized experience.

You can choose People choose to have the wedding program wording your party out to the beat of one song or every couple choose individual songs.  eir pages (especially if young children) go first. Remember you can always use the ideas of a traditional wedding or create a fully customized to your liking program.

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You must decide whether wedding program wording to have a buffet dinner (you get more for your investment) or a (more formal and elegant reception and maintains the course) dinner served. You should note that the reception rooms always want to serve dinner as soon as possible. Sometimes, depending on the number of guests, it is more practical to have a buffet dinner served.


Use Wedding Guest List Template For Your Wedding

Wedding guest list template will be very helpful for your wedding. By using wedding guest list template, you will be easily managed your wedding party and your guests by using the list. The wedding Guest List Manager is very interactive and customizable to help effortlessly guide you through everything from invitations to thank-you notes.

Creating Wedding Guest List Template

You can start creating a master list of people you want to invite. Then, you can filter the list by groups (like “bride’s family” and “groom’s coworkers”) and even by event (like bridal showers or post wedding brunches). after that, the Guest List Manager can help you figure out what goes on the inner and outer envelopes of your invitations, as well as keep track of which invites you’ve sent out. After you do all of the steps, you can use it to manage your RSVPs and even create a gift log for writing thank-you notes later.

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The wedding guest list template is a very important thing to make all wedding arrangements like sending invitations, sending reminders, making seating and food arrangements etc. The guest list will include guests’ names, their contact numbers and home addresses. Besides, it also helps you to serve as a checklist for sending invitations. Drafting a wedding guest list is very simple and easy.

You may use many tools with much ease from internet, or making it yourself in your private PC on excel. You can make the stylish look of your wedding guest list template by inserting “wordart” tool to have stylish font. You can also inserting the image you want and sett it from picture tools. If you want to change the picture, it is easy as well. Just does the right click on the image to be changed and go in change picture option? The click shows browse option to select the image you want to have in your template. Click the image and then click the insert option. For changing the image, you have to convert this picture in PNG format and remove its background.

In making the wedding guest list template for your wedding you need to put three parts. The first part is overview. State the background information, purpose and objectives of the wedding guest list in this section. The second is body part, you need to state the details of guest inviting for your wedding. The last is the footer, where you need to estimate the total budget of your wedding.

Wedding guest list template is a sample list document showing the list of important guests inviting and coming to your wedding ceremony. A well drafted wedding guest list sample can help the wedding organizer make the wedding efficiently and effectively.

Creative Fall Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal showers allow attendees of bride, family and close friends to celebrate his upcoming wedding. Fall bridal shower invitations should reflect type of event e.g. if he is a “rain honeymoon”, where guests give gifts to bride can wear on her honeymoon, invitation You must illustrate theme. Bridal shower invitations creatively written-offer guest’s relevant details about event in a festive manner. A distinctive invitation gets guests excited about shower.

Write a creative poem to extend an invitation to customers, and to include this poem at top of fall bridal shower invitations. Poem may reflect thematic example, a shower-themed cuisine can read, “utensils, cookbooks, pots and pans. Let kitchen shares of Brittany so you can cook with your man.” A bachelorette party in general you can also use a poem as “Before she walks down aisle, we will honor Melissa in style.”

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Request a response from your guests. For example, if you are hosting a bachelorette party cocktail, invitation can say. “Say bottoms until June 1, 2011 to 555-6190” Your fall bridal shower invitations creatively written shower should stay on topic if you use too many different liners, risk of confusing your guests run. Standard mix information with more creative sentences for best results

Making Casual Wedding Invitation Wording

Nowadays, many people are interested in making casual wedding invitation wording. In other words, it is called informal invitation wording. Informal or casual wedding are being a trend nowadays. People believe that a formal wedding seems something bored, awkward, and rigid. Then, people change the paradigm in a rigid wedding into a fun wedding by making it informal. Basically, there are not real informal weddings, there are only semi-formal wedding. People design their wedding not too much formal, starting by making a casual and simple wedding invitation, until the dress code of the guest, the wedding program as well. It is important to make a right wording in making a casual invitation. First, the guest will know how formal it is, then they know what dress they should use. Second, we can avoid people to be offended.

Samples of Casual Wedding Invitation Wording

In making casual wedding invitation wording does not easier than making a formal wedding as you think. But you need to remember that in making a casual wedding invitation, just make it simple and to the point, because a lot of guests often skim in read the invitation. You need to tell the guest what to do next as well, like telling them to RSPV or to go to your wedding website. Moreover, to help you to arrange your casual wedding invitation, let’s see the samples above.

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Fun Wedding InvitationSize: 570 x 740

Fun Wedding InvitationSize: 570 x 740

Sample 1

He has proposed to her on bended knee, He asked “Will you pass through life with me?”
Katie Holmes said “Yes!” to Mark Eiger
You are invited to share in their joy and fun On (Date) from (Time) At (Venue)

Sample 2

You don’t need a ticket or advance reservation as well, just make waves and smile to our wedding celebration.
We will be married On (Date) from (Time) At (Venue)
Katie Holmes
Mark Eiger

Sample 3

Just like a page out of a fairy tale the storybook romance comes true soon Katie Holmes and Mark Eiger invite you to share the joy when they tie the knot forever and ever after On (Date) from (Time) At (Venue)

sample 4

God has led two lives in the world to take one path. The honor of your presence is very valuable at the marriage of Katie Holmes and Mark Eiger On (Date) from (Time) At (Venue)

Sample 5

Like autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue, Two lovers will join and say, yes I do.
Please join us to witness this auspicious day On (Date) from (Time) At (Venue)

Hopefully, it will help you a lot. To get more information, read also sample of wedding shower invitation wording.

How To Address Wedding Invitations Without Inner Envelope

People often ask how to address wedding invitations without Inner envelope. In holding wedding party, invitation is one of the important things to prepare based on the theme. Invitation usually convey the theme of the wedding, is it going to be formal or informal? Wedding invitation also convey the festive of the event, is it going to be so prestigious or just a simple wedding party.

Addressing Wedding Invitations without Inner Envelope

In addressing wedding invitation, people should consider some rules according to their culture, situation, and belief. There are some etiquette in addressing wedding invitation. If you do the mistake in addressing your wedding invitation, it probably make a misunderstanding between you and your guest.

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You have to consider many things related to wedding invitation. The first think should you consider is what your theme is. You have to know, is your wedding party going to be formal or informal? A more formal wedding party usually come both with inner and outer envelope. The outer envelopes functions to protect the contents from possible damage during mailing and contains the complete address of invitees, while inner envelopes bear only the names to maintain formality. On the other side, the wedding invitation without inner envelope seems to be less formal. So, in addressing wedding invitation without inner envelope, you need to follow some steps.

  1.  if you invite married couples, address the outer envelope with “Mr. and Mrs.” For example: Mr. and Mrs. John. If the wife kept her maiden name, address it as: Mr. John and Mrs. Klein.
  2. Don’t forget to put their titles. For a married couple who are both doctors for example, address them as: The Doctors John. If only the husband who is the doctor, for example: Dr. and Mrs. John.
  3. You have to specify the names of children under 18 years old on the outer envelope when they are invited along with their parents. For example Mr. and Mrs. John Smith on the first line, and Mr. Dylan Smith and Miss Tara Smith on the next line. Don’t forget to write the names of children from the eldest to the youngest. If you invite the children over 18 years old, give them the separate invitation.
  4. If you want to invite the couple person, write them on the same invitation, but address the invitation to the person closer to you with his/her name first. For example: Miss Smith and Mr. Brooke.
  5. You have to give unmarried guests the option to bring a friend. Address the invitations by writing: Mr. Smith and guest. If you don’t want your guest to bring a friend, just write the person’s name by itself.
  6. To invite the brothers and sisters, address invitations by sharing the same address by writing: The Messrs. Johnson, The Misses Olsen, or Mr. Johnson and Miss Johnson.

So, in addressing the wedding invitation without inner envelope is not difficult, right. Just consider some etiquette.

The Sample Of Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

Many people ask about how to arrange the wedding shower invitation wording. Like making a wedding invitation, or wedding announcement, in making wedding shower invitation also need to arrange the perfect wording, based on its necessity and the information. However, the wording will be very impact to the people’s impression about us and the event we are going to hold. When we use the inappropriate wording, it maybe people offended and we make a stretchable relationship with them. So, we need to have a good wedding shower invitation wording.

The wording in Wedding Shower Invitation

Wedding shower is commonly done allover the world as an integral part of custom and tradition. In some countries, wedding shower means to purify the bridegroom, to throw away the sins, and as the symbol in starting new life. Wedding shower is commonly shown by many people symbolizing the people as the witness of the procession. So, we need to invite many people by using the right wedding shower invitation wording.

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Wedding Shower WordingSize: 400 x 400

In making a wedding shower invitation, we have to include:

Bride’s full name (and sometimes Groom’s)
RSVP name and number
Date to RSVP by
Information also may be included at the invitation, such as:
Where the bride registered is
the theme of shower or gifts (e.q garden shower, lingerie shower, etc.)
Date of the wedding
Host’s name(s)

The sample of traditional wedding shower invitation wording
Please join us
for a bridal shower honoring
Jane Elizabeth
Monday June 10, 4 pm
at the home of Lisa and Alice Brock
47 Anywhere Drive, Springfield
Please RSVP by June 3
to Lisa Brock at 714-555-1234
Jane is registered at Springfield House and Home

Sample Fun Wedding Invitation wording
Help us shower the bride-to-be with love!
Come celebrate Jane Elizabeth
at a bridal shower on Sunday, May 5 at 3 pm at the Glenoaks Lodge
Use the casual dress and be ready to play some fun games.
Please bring a gift that will help bring out the chef in Karen.
Regrets only to Marry Jones at 415-555-1234

An invitation to a surprise wedding shower
Shhh! It’s a surprise for Liza Winton
Let’s Join her bridesmaids as we celebrate her
We will make a shower to help her set up house with her husband to be, Mark.
Friday, August 1, 7-10 pm
Bertelsmans Bar, 362 James Avenue
Please come on time as the bride will arrive by 7:30.
RSVP to Joan Rosenberg, 212-456-7890 or Frans Brillier, 718-456-7890 by July 25.

Wedding shower invitation for a couple
Bridal Showers Bring Wedding Flowers!
Jane Petrillo and John Will are getting married.
But before they tie the knot, let’s shower them with love
and a few gifts as well!
Please join us for a picnic dinner and couple’s shower
March 7, 2006, 5:30 pm
Gerald Gardens Pavillion
Please RSVP to Mei Wu at 419-455-4545 by March 29.

Wedding shower invitation when there is no-gift
Christine and Stephen are tying the knot!
Let’s help them to celebrate before their big day
and let’s shower them with love and best wishes
Saturday, December 21, 9 pm
Huntsman’s Tavern, 576 Main Street
you have to bring a favorite story about the bride or groom to share, or advice on what makes a successful marriage for them.
Christine and Stephen have asked for donations to the Jonestown Theater Company in lieu of wedding gifts.

See also sample of wedding thank you card wording to help you in making wedding thank you card and understanding everything about wedding wording.

Ideas For Addressing Wedding Invitations

After much effort, the guest list is ready. Time to go after the correct names of each guest to the wedding invitation should be addressed properly. But first, watch for some points. There are different ways of addressing wedding invitations depending on the couple’s situation or the intention of the couple.

Use Mr., Mrs. or Miss. before the name in formal addressing wedding invitations. It is a way of showing respect and follows the rules of etiquette. Mr. and Mrs. for married guests and Miss. for single guest. However, young and modern couples choose to put only the first name of the guests. To invite a couple and their family, place the guest’s name followed by the word “Family”.

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To invite dating couples or living together, what sets the first case the second is the letter “e” between the names. If the couple lives together, place the full name of each, with the conjunction “and.” For the pair of lovers, will the full name of each without the “e”. The other option is to send a separate call for each.

Addressing wedding invitations for a single or divorced friend put only her name. If she has children, you can put “and Family”, which means that all the family will be invited.