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When To Send Out Wedding Invitations

There is a big question about wedding invitation, when to send out wedding invitation. People often confuse about when they should start to send and share the wedding invitation. They fear to be too early and sometimes too urgent. So, they should decide the right time when to send the wedding invitation so the invited people will not wait too long or too urgent in preparing the gift.

Deciding The Right Time to Send Wedding Invitation

Yap, it is a must that you should decide the right time when to send wedding invitation. Then, many people ask what they should do. First, you probably need to address your wedding invitation at least three months before the wedding. You need to make a list who will you invite by considering their distance to your venue.  Wedding invitations are sent 8 months before wedding ideally for allowing guests several weeks to make travel arrangements and ask for time off from work if necessary, before sending them back to you.

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Then, you need to get them back in advance so you can start labeling place cards, and organizing seating. You have to make sure that you ask your caterer when they’ll need final head counts. Commonly, you should ask for an RSVP date 3 weeks before your wedding, so you should send them on time. At least, send them out six weeks in advance, and set an RSVP date of 2 weeks before the wedding.

Generally, to send the wedding invitation is based on its significance. Do you want to hold a local wedding, or out-of-town wedding? Typically, it will be like this:

  1. For local wedding, local guests. For holding wedding in the place when you live, you need to send the invitation out 6–8 weeks before the wedding date. The RSVP deadline can be 1 month before the wedding date. It gives you enough time to set up you wedding such as the final number of wedding venue and the menu will served.
  2. For local wedding, out-of-town guests. You should send out these invitations earlier than your local guest invitations, about 10-12 weeks before the wedding date. They would have received a Save the Date 4–5 months prior, or have been informed of the wedding even by phone call, word of mouth or even an email. Then, the RSVP deadline can remain as 1 month before the wedding.
  3. Out-of-town wedding, local and out-of-town guests. You need to give them extra time as booking holidays and time off from work is involved. You have to send the invitation early, about 8 months before wedding, with RSPV 1 months before wedding. It will be very impact to your venue because some places require an earlier confirmation of guest numbers, and others are okay with newcomers showing up the night before the wedding.

Ultimate Ideas Country Wedding Invitations

Are you passionate about travel and want to share this passion with your guests on your wedding day? Here is ideas country wedding invitations. This is a subject that is both rich and easy to perform. It will allow you to invite your families and your loved ones to a tour of original world!

Already, to begin organizing big day, you can write list of countries that inspire you. They will serve as country wedding invitations and help you make decoration. Ultimate would be to opt for countries where you spent stays, or you dream of visiting. There is always option to select countries from every continent of globe.

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Then, to invite guests and whatever is stationary, perfect pattern remains world map or world map. For country wedding invitations in particular, you can bring them originality, coming out of traditional texts of invitation, and. adopting a cute text here is an example: “world has more than 6 billion people and we had chance to regain our half. So we decided to bring together people who are dear to minister. World tour with us race will start on … at Church First stop: place of honor wine Second stop: restaurant; End of trip: When you have used up your energy. “

Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic wedding invitations are very trendy in the amount of them taking place in gardens, farms, fields, etc. They are characterized by ties, lace and more lace crude worsted yarns. They are of paper, carved wood, dried flowers and many colors. Rustic designs invitations addition to all these elements can have these shocking details that the couple prefer, such as inclusion in small boxes filled with confetti and even funny images of the future marriage.

Wood: it sounds a bit strange, it is true that the rustic wedding invitations always have to have original ingredients to make them unique in the case of invitations rustic with it; you can paste a picture of both and a little note with everything that guests should know. Original wood invitation and photo of the couple. Recycled paper: is one of the best ideas that build designs for invitations. Recycled paper, colored earth and you can decorate with white ink to stand out much better and accompany a lace bow.

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Rustic wedding invitations,  the designs of these style invitations can also be very stylish. Although we see with these basic colors, there will always be a way of filling of style and chic touches. The paper called vellum, that we have used more than once for tracing drawings, is a good solution, but this time those pictures go in these designs embossed invitations.

Handmade Wedding Invitations Style

Want to make your wedding invitations by hand? Whether you’re looking to create handmade wedding invitations to add your own personal style or to make them unique from all the rest, there are several ways you can achieve your goal. Learn to add decorations to the invitations printed at home using rubber stamps to add flair and how to make your own flower pressed paper.

If you do not want to make your own paper or cardboard, you always have the option to purchase printable invitations that can be printed on your personal computer or use calligraphy for handwriting invitation verses. Then you can add embellishments such as ribbons, bows, details of jewelry, dried flowers or other items that you can find in any major craft store or desktop. When the flower is removed, you can now strike any handmade wedding invitations as a decoration or adornment.

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You can pick up some rubber stamps and stamp pads beautiful in your local craft store and use them to create your own handmade wedding invitations. Add images of rubber stamps to dress a printed or as a way to begin an invitation from the beginning invitation. Use rubber stamps, in addition to ribbons, bows and other accents.

Seal And Send Wedding Invitations For Simple Invitation

Seal and send wedding invitation for wedding is something should be done well by every people. It is easy to put together send as they are on the wallet. It is designed to fold into self mailers without the hassle of envelopes and additional postage. For the perfect wedding, the choose of best wedding invitation is very impact to your wedding impression. You have to choose the best quality of your wedding invitation and seal and send your wedding invitation well.

Wedding Invitation Seal and Send

You have to find the best selection and do it yourself wedding invitation plan. It comes with a variety of elegant styles and themes to cover any wedding. You can look for many varieties of wedding invitation in vendor. Many vendors provide the variety of wedding invitation that will be adjusted with your wedding theme even you may put photos on the invitation. You can also adjust it with your own budget, personality and style. You are freely choose the design, wording, paper and even the color of ink

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For sealing and sending invitations are usually single 6″ x 17″ sheets that are folded to create 6″ x 4″ mailers Printed on both sides. The invitation may include your announcement, reception, dinner, dance and lodging information, plus a photo, artwork and map if you need it. While the bottom panel is perforated to use as a detachable RSVP or map card.

Yap, just fold and seal! You will not use any mail because your wedding invitations are in the mail. It is a great idea to do, besides saving time, it also save money because we don’t need to buy a mail. By using this kind of invitations, your wedding seems to be more casual and so simple.

Design Of Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Rehearsal dinner is a re-ceremony usually held after the wedding rehearsal in the evening just before the wedding ceremony. It’s a great opportunity to thank the people who make their wedding ceremony possible, as well as an opportunity for the two families are better known, in an informal way. So a casual rehearsal dinner invitations card is required.

The rehearsal dinner invitations guest list could be small or large, especially in terms of their wedding budget. You can include only the two of you, their immediate families, the wedding party, and the priest, or to include all guests from out of town to be a good hostess. But in fact, if you know the out-of-towers have been well entertained, do not worry about that. Another option is to organize a cocktail party for the guests out of town that night, if the wedding budget is small. By the way, the groom’s parents traditionally pay for the rehearsal dinner, but today couples usually include the cost in its general budget wedding planning.

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So how to invite guests to the rehearsal dinner invitations wedding? Typically, printed invitations rehearsal dinner sent a few days after sending the wedding invitation cards. Because the test tends to be informal, invitations rehearsal dinner does not have to be fancy or expensive – you could do yourself with the computer and card making software.

Winter Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the letter of the event with them your guests can get an idea of ​​what the wedding style, to ensure achieving perfect invitations remember it is important to follow the protocol rules for- Winter Wedding Invitations


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For winter wedding invitations brides who marry in winter, that is between December 21 and March 20, in this article I present some proposals for color for wedding invitations, where I recommend you put aside the traditional Christmas red combination with green, and choose some other seasonal colors such as purple, ivory, blue, light pink, silver / gray and white.


Remember winter wedding invitations that the design of the invitations depends on the label style for the wedding they chose, one of the characteristics of winter wedding invitations is that they can use a much more elaborate and elegant typography, plus they can include some relief drawings as traditional star snow. One of the combinations in particular is my favorite, is the plata.Las turquoise with purple wedding invitations are one of the most popular colors this season and can also be combined with silver or with the now traditional white .

Attractive Wording For Wedding Invitations

Generally invitation cards must be marked with all the details of the wedding, in addition to original wording for wedding invitations according to the event, the date and place where will take place the party, the name of the parties, and of course a thinking that frames the occasion and the love between the couple is highlighted.

To break the monotony perpetuated in marriage cards, whose rigid, correct and boring texts, we present here a lot of fun and different wording for wedding invitations to give originality and joy to your wedding invitations, for an exciting and fun holiday as must be your wedding , must begin with a groundbreaking invitation. “Using verses, poems, songs or famous quotes, is an excellent way to personalize your wedding invitations.”

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Many modern couples are using famous quotes, or a line from a song, or perhaps some of their favorite poems to give life meaning and original wording for wedding invitations, thus breaking the monotony and boredom of their invitations.  “We, Bride and Groom, moved by the love that we, we decided to unite our lives with joy to make a home (family) and you have our parents, relatives and friends, as faithful witnesses of this union.”

How To Make Wedding Announcement Wording

Wedding announcement wording is something looks easy but exactly it is quite hard and confusing. Wedding announcement is important that is done after the wedding. By using announcement we can tell everyone that we have got married. Wedding announcement should be sent as soon as possible.

By sending wedding announcements mean that you appreciate another people by sharing your nuptial news with the long distance friends or relatives. So, it is essential to choose the right wording to express what was in your heart on your special wedding day without making anyone feel as if they were not included.

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When you decide to send wedding announcement, you have to be careful in wording. If you don’t use wording appropriately, it is feared that you will hurt another people. Making another people offended is also very wrong, so you have to be careful in using the word for your wedding announcement. You have to consider the spelling, the word, and the way to write the title of your guest. wedding announcement wording is often confusing.

Sample Of Wedding Announcement Wording

If the announcement is issued by the bride and groom, the wording is usually like this:

Two hearts united forever in love

With Joy and Happiness

Sarah Hills


Andrew White

are pleased to announce
that they were married
in a private ceremony
on Sunday, the sixteenth of April
Two thousand twelve
at the Coliseum
Wichita, KS

If the announcement is issued by the parents, the words are usually like this:

J.R. and Michael Evans
Are pleased to announce the marriage
of their daughter
to Jonathan Willington
on the twenty-fourth of December
Two thousand eleven
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

wedding announcement

There are also some etiquette you should consider in wording the wedding announcement

If you are going to announce to a family, the wording is something like this:

Mr. and Mrs. Your Parents
are proud to announce
the marriage of their daughter
Your Name
Mr. Your Groom’s Name
on Sunday, March 4th, 2012

But, if you are going to announce to your friends in your new house (you have moved house after wedding), the wording is something like this:

We were married on
Sunday, March 4th, 2012
Austin, Texas

We’re beginning a new life together
in our new residence:
Our Names
1234 Our Street
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Wedding invitation is important, and wedding annoncement too. We need to inform another people about our happy day.

The Proper Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The Proper wedding invitation etiquette making process can be as one of the challenges in the perfection of a wedding. You should better have a previous research on it before deciding to make the proper one. It should be well considered as one your planning details because this is as the first step in engaging the guests to the wedding plans reference, it is also important to give a deep impression. In the preparations of a wedding, every details are well planned and discussed together as if this kind of occasion has to be perfectly celebrated without any missing pieces. When making the proper wedding invitation etiquette, you must be sure if the single guests over eighteen years old are allowed to come to the wedding with their date, but with a boundary that they only come with someone you know in your past. This is a polite way to eliminate the stress of wedding.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Rules

The wedding invitation is meant to determine the tone for the wedding moment itself. It let people know that there is going to be a particular occasion with the particular theme, is it a formal or casual occasion and where it is going to be held. You must follow certain rules so that there will be no breaching in the making of a proper wedding invitation. This is exactly why the wedding invitation itself must be chosen as fast as possible so that it can be printed and also addressed in the right time. It depends on some factors in wording the invitation such as who pays the wedding, where the occasion is going to be held, is it going to be a casual or formal and maybe if it is a second wedding.

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While addressing the invitation, you must consider the outer envelope which should include the invitee’s full name and title. But on the inner envelope, you only write the invitee’s last name and title. If you invite a couple who are already living together but not married yet, you should write each of their names on the outer and the inner of the envelope. If the female guests are divorced, then use word “Ms” or “Miss” before the name. If you invite a married couple including their children, then their name should be written only on the inner envelope under the names of their parents. As an indication that your single invitees are allowed to take a date, the outer envelope should be written the name of the invitee only, but you write the invitee name and guest on the inner envelope. Well, making the proper wedding invitation etiquette is challenging, but it is going to be easy once you already understand the rules.