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The Ideal Diamond Wedding Bands For Women

Many options in choosing diamond wedding bands for women, but it is a different story when it comes to choose the perfect ones. It is important to match the diamonds with the bands in order to make the diamonds can be easily seen. It is claimed that if it compared to men choosing the wedding bands for women is much easier since women can spend more time in considering what they want, and they also are far more experienced in jewelries, besides men usually do not consider this thing very much. But it does not mean that men can be neglected since marriage is about two persons, men and women. The wedding diamond bands for women and men should match each others in design and style.

Varieties of Diamond Wedding Bands for Women

These days so many varieties of diamond wedding bands for women are intentionally engineered so that it can be used in the wedding day or the engagement day at the same time. It is important to pick the right diamond band for the right ceremony, in this case picking the perfect diamond wedding bands for wedding ceremony. There are also particular diamond wedding bands named eternity bands which symbolizes eternal happiness, it also called as the anniversary band. This kind of diamond wedding band contains set of small diamonds which are enclosed on the ring’s channel in the band’s surrounding circle which makes this kind of wedding band unique, elegant, luxurious and of course very expensive since it has 360-degree diamonds on it. It also has designs for men and women  who do not have intention to wear it daily.

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Diamond Wedding RingSize: 400 x 400

Diamond Wedding BandSize: 430 x 430

It is obvious that the wedding bands for men and women should have similar style and design, including the diamond itself should be in the same type. This is why a couple should go to purchase the wedding bands together in order to both couple can directly choose the ideal type of diamond wedding bands for both of them and this way will be the easiest way to find the agreement in deciding it. Well, until this point you are already given enough information about the diamond wedding bands, you better ready to make the decision in choosing the ideal diamond wedding bands for you and your lover. Make sure that both of the diamond wedding bands have the same design and style to avoid collision in it.

Having Wedding Program Samples

Having wedding program samples is desirable by people to hold their wedding. Wedding program is very important for almost wedding commonly as the result of culture or ethnic wedding tradition. Every people will realize their wedding based on their tradition and culture, to make it as fit as with the place you are. Having wedding program sample will be very helpful in planning the wedding.

What should be Include in the Wedding Program

The order of events is explained by the wedding programs. You can find the list of wedding songs and readings, and name the members of the wedding party. The couples can use the wedding program sample as the way to make their ceremony more personal. It is also acceptable for them to include songs or poems to have special meaning of the couple. You have to use wedding program include directions from the wedding ceremony to the reception, lyrics to a song, or even explanation of ceremony rituals.

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Wedding Program SampleSize: 415 x 447

Wedding ProgramSize: 425 x 319

Some details to include:

–          Introduction

–          Ceremony order

–          Names of officiates, , musicians, wedding planners.

–          Names of the wedding party

–          List of songs and readings

–          Memorials

–          Brief biographies

–          Readings/quotations

–          Explanation of rituals

–          A thank you to parents, guests, and relatives

–          Fun Sentiments, is a short description on how both of you met or humorous anecdote about the first date.

Above, many things we should consider in making wedding program.

The format of  wedding ceremony program

There are many wedding program format to choose such as, a single card, a multiple-page booklet, or a tri-fold, among others. You have to make sure that you have prepared your program very carefully before printed.  The cover of wedding format includes the date or names of the couple, location and time of the ceremony, with an image and a design element, such as a monogram, picture or scroll.

Wedding program etiquette

Almost wedding will choose weather they tend to hold traditional wedding, a large wedding, or a particularly long ceremony, wedding programs give guests clear direction on the various events on a wedding etiquette book.

The receiver of wedding ceremony program

We have to know the rule in the program that is commonly per couple and one per single guest. Most guests don’t mind sharing and some of them who attend the reception will not attend the ceremony.

The hands out

We have to give the ushers and designated friends the clear direction about to handle your wedding.

Wedding porgram samples is very helpful, right? to read more about wedding planning, you have to consider about preparing wedding using wedding registry checklist.

Deciding Step Father Daughter Wedding Songs

People often ask about step father daughter wedding songs for their wedding. Wedding is a sacred procession in which all family members gathered in the situation of moving for dancing, making an interesting wedding toast, etc. Every bridegroom usually intends to make a special moment with their family in their wedding especially with their lovely father. But there is a problem because not every people can celebrate their wedding with their true father. If you are going dance with your stepfather at your wedding, you have to look for a song which best represents the relationship that you have with one another. We have to choose the appropriate song for you and your stepfather to appreciate him in equivalent with the degree of closeness. so, deciding step father daughter wedding songs is very essential.

The List of Songs You Can Use With Your Step Father at Your Wedding

“He Didn’t Have to Be” by Brad Paisley

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Wedding MusicSize: 520 x 390

This song is about how a stepfather can not to be like a father figure. This song also describes how he hopes that he’s half the dad that his stepfather was. The meaning of this song should be clear in order to deliver the message of this song to the step father, bride and the guests.

“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

This song is a good option for your wedding to dance with your stepfather. This song tells about someone’s wishing the best in their life.

“I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

This song is very popular stepfather/daughter wedding dance song, because it does not say anything about a father. The lyric of this song is very meaningful such as words “I hope you dance” can be used as an analogy for “I hope you live.”

“Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers

You have to appreciate your step father, even in your wedding you have to choose the song that shows your appreciation to him. This Kenny Rogers song can be a good option. This song is about how you cannot imagine what you would have done without someone if they had not been in your life through the years.

“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Every people in this world must know this meaningful song by Josh Groban. ”You raise me up” tells about how someone who has really impacted your life, inspired you, and has made you a better person. This song is very suitable to use in every moment and situation, especially in your special wedding to use with your step father.

Other Songs to Consider for a Stepfather/Daughter Wedding Dance:

“Stepfather of the Bride” by Mike McLaughlin
What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
One Friend – Dan Seals
You Don’t Have To Let Go – Jessica Seward
“Then they do” by Trace Adkins

Unforgettable – Nat King & Natalie Cole
Lean On Me – Bill Withers
You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor
You Are So Beautiful-Joe Cocker
Have I Told You Lately-Rod Stewart or Van Morrison

In My Life – The Beatles
Little Wonders – Rob Thomas
Daughters – John Mayer
Forever Young – Rod Stewart
The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
Stand by Me – Ben E. King & The Drifters
Time After Time – Cyndi Lauper

One Friend – Dan Seals
You Don`t Have To Let Go – Jessica Simpson
Smile – Nat King Cole
Moon River – Louis Armstrong

Wedding Venues Leeds

Wedding venues Leeds is about the beauty of nature. Wedding venues Leeds will give you the perfect service and setting of your life and the first venue that you should see is the Queens. This venue is most popular and the most perfect venue in the center of the city. You will see the atmosphere of the Art Deco glamour that will make your guests jaw on the design and the service. You will feel like the happiest couple ever and you will never forget about the moment when your guests amaze your wedding décor.

Perfect Wedding Reception Area at The Ark Royal Suite

The Queens as one of the best wedding venues Leeds in town will help you to organize something more intimate and the variety rooms that you can choose. All of the rooms licensed for the civil ceremony and the civil partnership. You can make everything seems so beautiful in one stunning roof and at this venue; you will find the best accommodation, such as the catering wedding and others. For further information, you may contact the staffs and then arrange the time or visiting this venue and getting the best arrangement for your big day. If you are dreaming about the fairytale wedding, you may see the Queens ballroom. This spot gives you the ability for holding or accommodating up to 450 guests. The Ark Royal Suite will be the perfect reception area for canapés and the reception drinks before your guests sitting down to enjoy the wedding breakfast. If you are planning such an intimate wedding ceremony, you may see the stunning Palm Court for giving the extraordinary setting.

3 Photos Gallery of: Wedding Venues Leeds

Leeds Wedding LayoutSize: 475 x 347

Leeds Wedding CoupleSize: 398 x 600

Leeds Wedding VenuesSize: 475 x 300

Wedding venues Leeds that is chosen should give the best arrangement for you and that is why you should choose the Queens. You will make your dream come true by holding your wedding ceremony here.

How Much Does The Average Wedding Cost

People often ask about how much the average wedding cost for a special wedding. In America, the wedding cost almost spend from 20.000 U$ up to 30.000 U$. This is a cost that enough for buying a nice new car or be a 20% down payment on a $145,000 home. Yap, it means that average wedding cost is not cheap.

Average Wedding Cost

For holding a wedding, we need many amenities such as wedding dresses, photographer, rent and decoration, etc that costs between 20.000 U$ up to 30.000 U$. Unless if you want to do a intimate wedding which are only family and close friends who come, you need prepare about $1,000.

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Average Wedding CostSize: 638 x 438

Wedding CostSize: 600 x 450

The Cost For WeddingSize: 528 x 492

Ironically, many people often say that they will not hold the big wedding because they don’t have enough money. In fact, many aspects of planning a wedding are out of the bride- and groom-to-bes’ hands. It is a feared if people remain bill after their wedding because they held big wedding inappropriate with their own budget.

For deciding the wedding cost, considering many things above will be very wise.


You have to decide the scope and size of your wedding, and then you can decide what things you need based on its significance.


You need to consider how many a wedding costs that depends on the price of each element planned for the wedding day. Every wedding amenities has is financial consideration.


Every types of wedding have its type of cost. For 200 guest, it will cost about 25.000 U$, while for 100 it will cost about 10.000 U$.


In every place, the cost will be different. Where you get married will decide its cost.


Every body wants to have a success wedding. The big wedding does not guarantee a satisfaction; perhaps the intimate wedding will be more interesting.

Generally, the presentation of the cost is something like this:




Food and alcohol-45 %

Gifts and favors-4 %

Invitations-3 music-7 %

Miscellaneous – 4%

Photography -5%

Reception and Rentals – 10%

Transportation – 1%
Ideography – 2%
Wedding Rings – 2%

There is remaining 5% from subtotal for tips and taxes.

Best Wedding Venues UK

Best wedding venues UK can be found in castles, Norman keeps, country house hotels, stately homes, rustic barns, museums, award winning gardens, city center chic, and the traditional inns. Best wedding venues UK for your big day must be special. That is why you have to make sure that you will get the most special one in something unique. For example, you want to hold the traditional wedding theme and intimate one. And then you should ignore booking the modern hotel because it will never make sense on what you really want and it belongs to the other wedding theme.

Imaginative for Realizing Your Own Wedding Ceremony

Best wedding venues UK will help you to reach your wedding dream. A wedding day, great day, big day must be the most important and the best day of your life. The stress level may increase when you start planning the wedding ceremony. You may start with looking for the wedding venue. The best wedding venue must be the best thing to do first because the right venue will influence your entire wedding ceremony and celebration. You may start browsing to see the kinds of venues and you should think about the region, type and the specific location. You will get the information of the photographers, caterers, planners, florists, service providers and others. Whatever you like and you desire the most will be easily found by searching the website.

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Best Wedding Venues UKSize: 540 x 271

UK Wedding VenuesSize: 880 x 400

Best wedding venues UK should be though about the condition and the wedding theme first, whether you want something huge and crowded or you just want to hold a little more intimate wedding ceremony. If you are first visiting the wedding venue website, you must see the stimulate facilities and imaginations about the occasions. Everyone knows that marriage needs love and the wedding ceremony needs planning. So, be creative and imaginative for realizing your own wedding ceremony.

Wedding Venues East Sussex

Wedding venues East Sussex gives you various types and offerings. Wedding venues East Sussex that you can choose is about the beauty of nature and also the greatest designs of the buildings. You can firstly come to the Ashdown Park Hotel and the Country Club. This perfect venue is located in the center of the 186 acre estate in Ashdown Forest. You will reach the romantic and magical location here with professional staffs for giving their hands.

The Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club for Ideals Wedding Venues

The Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club as one of the best wedding venues East Sussex will make you feel so blessed during your big day. This venue is set in the end of the glorious neo-Gothic Grade II with the fabulous sweeping drive, manicured lawns, lakes, and the beautiful woodlands that attract the deer will be your most gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photographs. This mansion is included the bygone era that gives you the luxurious facilities in the modern covers. This venue has the license for the civil wedding and partnership. You can see the superb rooms that give you the meaningful experience and the wonderful atmosphere. You should not worry about having the detail because you will get it all here with all of the perfection. You will taste the superb cuisine and the finest wines as the symbol of the wealth of your experience.

6 Photos Gallery of: Wedding Venues East Sussex

Horsted PlaceSize: 374 x 560

The second choice of the wedding venues East Sussex that you can choose is the Roebuck Hotel. It is a kind of charming hotel for your big day. It is the gorgeous 17th century country house with the beautiful garden in the landscape. The full old-world charm will be yours in the real fires for the winter evening and the oak beams and of course the magnificent patio and garden for the summer events.

Warwickshire Wedding Venues

Warwickshire wedding venues will throw away your chance of being disappointed. Warwickshire wedding venues will show how the romantic works perfectly into your wedding celebration. And you will drag it well in the Wethele Manor. This venue gives you the abundance and charm of the character that is combined with the peaceful and tranquil environment that will show the perfect setting for your big day. This venue is located in 250 acre estate and it is set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and you will steal the views of the gorgeous mature gardens. It is not only the young and fragile garden but a truly mature garden with the pond and old oak trees. Those perfect natural combinations will bear the breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Enjoying The Green Atmosphere from Warwickshire Wedding Venues

Warwickshire wedding venues will force everybody to enjoy their life here by enjoying the green atmosphere and also playing the croquet. The Wethele Manor offers something special for every wedding celebration that is held here because this venue has the commitment that every wedding celebration is uniquely different from others. So, it will ensure you have that uniqueness inside yours. The special requirements are set in the flexible ones by providing the setting and the professional services. You are also welcomed to take a part for arranging your wedding dream. The second venue that you can see is the Barcelo Billerley Manor. This venue is located in 11 acres of the stunning Warwickshire countryside. This venue shows the 16th century of the Elizabethan Billesley Manor House. The truly romantic atmosphere and setting will appear with the topiary garden and the Grade II listed building.

6 Photos Gallery of: Warwickshire Wedding Venues

Warwickshire CoupleSize: 594 x 344

Alveston Manor WeddingSize: 568 x 273

Warwickshire wedding venues will give you the maximum service in whatever your wedding dream is, whether it is an intimate wedding celebration with your closest family and friends, fairytale wedding celebration with the lavish reception, etc.

Use Wedding Checklist Timeline For Wedding

Wedding checklist timeline will be very helpful for people in preparing the wedding.  Wedding checklist timeline help the people about what should they do and prepare before the day of great once in life experience. We have to write down the checklist schedule on a paper and we can use it for great day preparing better. For making it more effective, you can duplicate your checklist schedule to the family who help you to prepare, so you are all on the same page. See also wedding registry checklist.

Wedding Checklist Timeline

Twelve weeks before wedding
In this period, the engagement was declared and plenty of period for the marriage has been set. this is the right tie to start using wedding schedule timeline for preparing wedding. first, you have to set a funds by considering your options and the options others, such as your parents, have offered. you also need to visit the wedding website to know how to get wedding coordinator if you tend to use that.

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Wedding ChecklistSize: 428 x 432

Ten weeks before wedding

At this period, you need to have all of the clothing for the marriage events selected out and on order, such as the groom’s tuxes, the bride’s wedding dress and the bridesmaids’ clothing. The celebration enjoyment, wedding photographer and catering service have to decide also.

eight weeks before wedding

the detailed of the wedding should be joined in this period. You have to start constructing the wedding such as individuals who will participate and what parts and music will be used. You may begin from picking out the celebration and the invitation’s materials such as the cards themselves, matchbooks, wedding programs and sitting cards. Also prepare the wedding bathtub and bachelor’s celebration at this period.

Six weeks before wedding

You have to confirm everything at this period and also get the last payment to everything you have employed such as the enjoyment, celebration lounge, car company, catering services, wedding cake, clothing, tuxes and wedding photographer.

One month before wedding

In this period, means that you have prepared everything. But you have to make sure that everyone in both marriage events is all set to be in the marriage and everyone knows what they are supposed to do. you need to tie up any loose ends in order that you can enjoy the coming wedding bathrooms and bachelor’s events as you get ready to create your last wedding vows.

North Yorkshire Wedding Venues

North Yorkshire wedding venues can be spent in the Raven Hall as it is the prestigious and simply beautiful for your big day. North Yorkshire wedding venues will never make you disappointed and the Raven Hall will ensure you about it. You will make your guests feel so envy by arriving at your wedding celebration here. This venue is not only for the civil wedding ceremony but also for wedding breakfast and wedding reception. The cliff-top views out to the North Yorkshire Moors and the blue sea will make you feel like you are in heaven. The wedding arrangements will make you easier to decide whatever you want and need to make your family and guests feel so relax and enjoy every moment and every detail for your wedding ceremony.

The Monk Fryston Hall Hotel

The second choice of the North Yorkshire wedding venues that you can choose is the Monk Fryston Hall Hotel. This is a kind of a historic venue that is ideal for your wedding celebration. This venue is about the 17th century Benedictine Manor House. It is located in the 30 acres of the lake, ornate gardens and the fabulous mature parkland that will show you how the romantic atmosphere should be taken. The room that is popular enough for holding such special occasion, such as the wedding celebration, is the Baronial Haddon Room. This room has the most impressive inglenook fireplace and it has the license for holding the civil wedding ceremony.

2 Photos Gallery of: North Yorkshire Wedding Venues

The third choice of the North Yorkshire wedding venues is the Grinkie Park Hotel. This venue is located in 35 acres and it is nestled in the edge of the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. The very personal services will be yours in your big day and you will never skip even a little part of them.