Totally Cute Ideas For Kids Nail Designs

Kids are always suitable and compatible with cute things, including for their nail designs because kids nail designs are better with themes which they like, so cute things are preferred. Then, here are some cute ideas for nail art designs which suit with kids’ favors. First is the cartoon or anime which is varied from the popular Disney characters and other cartoons like Minions which are suitable with the size of kids’ fingers. You also can use themes Winnie the Pooh, or Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or Hello Kitty and other cute characters which the kids like a lot.

Posted on November 6, 2017 Nail Design

Kids Nail Designs with Cute Animal Themes

There are so many cute animals which are also cute and loved by kids, from the simple colored skin animal, Panda with its black and white colors. The designs will be simple, with the face of Panda itself, the black eyes and ears and the rest is colored with white. This kind of design is actually simple and not too crowded. Other cute animal which is good for nail designs is ladybug with the red body and black dots give contrast color combinations and this kind of animal is actually so feminine, other choice is butterfly which is also so feminine and beautiful.

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Easy Nail Designs for Kids with Simple Ideas

Anyone can try these easy designs, from the colorful rainbow designs with varied colors from purple as the bottom, then blue, yellow, orange and the top is pink or red. Other simple idea is sneaker design with varied colors for each finger from pink, purple, orange, blue and then green, plus the white zigzag patterns for the shoelace and this design is suitable for boyish girls who like to use sneakers. Others simple ideas like stripes or tribal motifs are also suitable for kids, because the designs will be simple, just focus on the color combinations which are desired.