Trend Colored Wedding Dresses 2015

Colored wedding dresses 2015 become the hot trend for recent. This trend breaks the tradition about the color of wedding dress. The first line comes for Vera Wang and then the other designers note it. The super bold contemporary bride will be perfect on this colored one. So, what color that you choose?

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Fabulous Colored Wedding Dresses 2015

The first color comes in rose wedding gown. Go to pink with it! There are so many choices in this color palette, they are pink and shiny, very light pink, blush pink, pink bubble gum and others. For getting the non-traditional effect, you may choose the bright pink. On the other hand, for getting the romantic nuance, you may choose the lighter tones.

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Colored wedding dresses 2015 also come in blue. In past years, blue became the most popular color. There are so many different shade of blue that is used, such as the baby blue to light blue. You can get the fairy tale in blue!

Another color that becomes the trend is red! In different cultures and religions, red has highest demand for wedding dresses. According to the occasion, if you don’t want to stand out from the norm, you can get the red shade along the white wedding dress.

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Colored wedding dresses 2015 also can be got in black and gold. The black or gold accent looks expensive and gorgeous. There are so many designers who design these colors. These colored wedding dresses are usually worn by the modern brides. So, which color that represent your personality, ladies?