Typical Tricks To Make 3D Tattoo Designs!

We have come across some good tattoo catalogues and there is this one trend called 3d tattoo designs that we have seen recently in some 3D tattoo gallery in some exhibitions outta the States. They are just wonderful and amazing. We learnt the tricks about that and we read some drawing books guide and we found two crucial aspects that are typically use to make that 3 dimension visual effect.

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The 3D tattoos creation using shading

The first principle of 3d tattoo designs is to giving the light irradiates principle, where it will create the specific shading that is necessarily need to be added. This shade itself actually has made a tattoo 3D, but by adding some other principle below will give even more effect.

15 Photos Gallery of: Typical Tricks to make 3D Tattoo Designs!

Storm 3d Tattoo DesignsSize: 920 x 1024

3d Tattoo Designs WristSize: 1098 x 1146

3d Tattoo Designs UkSize: 768 x 1024

3d Tattoo Designs On LegSize: 1024 x 768

3d Tattoo Designs ArmSize: 780 x 1024

3d Tattoo Designs 2013Size: 960 x 901

The Point of view principle

The other principle to do 3d tattoo designs is the point of view. It is more likely like from where you see the main picture. You should imagine the point of sight and you will know how to make the real 3D. Most of tattoo makers we know using these two principles to create that kind of tattoo. Well, you can ask them about it, if you want to know more.

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